Petals Montessori School: Bringing out the Best in Your Child

Soniya Donison,Founder
Soniya Donison, Principal

Access to good-quality care and education programmes outside the home is important while providing children with the basic cognitive and language skills. Such programmes can also help foster social competency and emotional development. In fact, it is widely recognized that early childhood care and education form the foundation of a high-quality education. Established in the year 2010, Petals Montessori School was setup with the aim to bring out the best in every child as well as to fulfill their potential both in academic and social life with their unique methods of delivering knowledge.

Set up in the busy city of Bengaluru, Petals Montessori follows the Montessori teaching method which has been proven highly successful all over the world with its capability in recognizing individual Child’s development. The school’s classroom sessions are conducted with free and independent approach towards the child’s choice of learning. Amongst its unique range of programmes,
Petals vests its focus on directing the children towards their interested topic which may be the Practical life, Sensorial, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Dance, Drama and movement, Art and Craft, Singing, Music and Yoga. These subjects are taught through specially designed course materials which stimulate the child’s sens es and imagination.

"Petals Montessori School works to understand the learners at one to one level and off ers unique activities to each child"

“Petals Montessori provides a holistic method of learning environment for the complete development of a child. Our day care program includes all areas of learning and development ranging from numbers, letters, rhymes, music, dance and art. We also offer a special needs class for children with learning difficulty, ADHD and physical disability, which further includes behavioral therapy,occupational therapy, and speech developmental therapy. There is also a day care option for working parents where children are taken care of by our skilled team, and for which we have an in-house kitchen where all the meals are prepared for children and the menu is shared with parents on a weekly basis,” says Soniya Donison, Principal, Petals Montessori.

The factor that differentiates Petals Montessori from that of
its counterpart is the adapting and changing nature of the learning system as the firm believes that every child is different and so is their learning methodology. Petals adopts different learning style for every child. The organization works to understand the learners at one to one level and offers unique activities to the child which will challenge their learning,at the same time allowing them to enjoy the activity.

Petals has achieved many milestones from the time of its inception. Recognized as the second best Montessori in Bangalore,the firm is continuously recording a growth in number of children registered year on year. “The organization’s success thrives on the team,and at Petals our motto is to continue learning and improving our services. We continuously organize training workshops for the teachers and staff to keep them updated with the programs for the company. We have been an independent name in the market and have worked hard to create a recognized benchmark over the years with happy children and parents, and this year the organization is looking forward to opening two more centers and then moving onto franchising the brand. We are also in progress to start Petals School with CBSE Curriculum combining it with the Montessori philosophy from 2020,”concludes Soniya.