Path Shaala: Inculcating Practical Knowledge through Creative Means

 Aboli Anand Ruikar, Executive Committee Member

Aboli Anand Ruikar

Executive Committee Member

There is no denying that future strength will come from children. And, in order to shape children into future leaders, it is essential to provide special attention to character development from a young age itself. Preschools are the first educational and social setting outside of the family to which children are exposed. Thus, it is essential that they must uphold the highest standards of quality education being given to the children while keeping a safe atmosphere for them to learn and grow. During the projected period, 2022­2026, the preschool sector in India is expected to expand by $957.86 million with a CAGR of 9.57 percent. Their main driving force is the development and emergence of more preschools to meet the demands for a more global teaching approach. Aboli Anand Ruikar and Anand Ruikar established Path Shaala with the vision to promote holistic growth of students. An ISO 9001-2015 certified preschool, Path Shaala is conceptualized and designed to create future leaders under the aegis of industry experts.

Quality Learning Early on
Driven to offer high quality learning experience to the young learners between age 2 to 6 years, Path Shaala places equal emphasis on the environment as it does on the curriculum and extracurricular activities. To add to this, some of the main attracting factors of Path Shaala include its lush green surroundings, well ventilated classrooms, sizable play areas, child friendly infrastructure, age specific curated curriculum, importance of life skills, and extracurricular activities.

"Children learn best when the process is fun interactive, and relevant. At Path Shaala, we choose the best approach to make learning more effective. We focus upon enhancing the overall development of a child. We strive to inculcate a positive learning attitude and strengthen self confidence of a child. Path Shaala's core value proposition is its nature and play based curriculum and structured pedagogy that has been developed by experts from early childhood education", shares Aboli Anand Ruikar.
In order to encourage the idea of including every kid in the learning process, Path Shaala has created a child centric and activity based curriculum coupled with co-curricular activities. Path Shaala also aims to instill fundamental qualities in kids such as respect and empathy. Additionally, the school continually updates its extracurricular and co-curricular programs while also giving students the chance to compete in contests at the local, state, and federal levels. These activities assist kids in developing their self-confidence and pursuing their interests. Additionally, effective learning is greatly aided by books that have been specifically written for each age group.

The core idea under all the offerings is to inculcate practical learning and implementing skills in the children

A Step Ahead
The distinguishing features of Path Shaala include a child friendly infrastructure, age-specific curriculum, fantastic combination of co-curricular activities, cutting-edge teaching tools, and creative events. The curriculum employs an original Eclectic Approach' to education that incorporates the best aspects of the Play Way, Project Method,Montessori Method, Nature/Environment Learning, and Multiple Intelligences. The teaching strategy of the school details the various parameters of teaching to ensure that students are learning exactly what they should at a given point, and in the correct manner.

"Over the years the school has received many awards and accolades. Some of the prestigious awards are Preschool Excellence Award from SCI Bangalore, Best Emerging Preschool in Pune from Brainfeed, Hall of Fame Award from Early Childhood Association, Excellence in Innovation in Early Childhood Learning and others", adds Anand.

Path Shaala always encourages co-curricular activities such as Music, Rhythmic Movement, Sports, Dramatics, Abacus, Science and GK Concepts, Chess, STEM Activities, and other age based activities. Even Path Shaala students have won awards for participation in state and national level Olympiads, Interschool sporting events, literature festivals, science exhibitions, art competitions, shloka chanting competitions, and more.