Wisdom Career Education: Optimizing Career Development & Promoting International Internship Awareness & Cultural Exchange Programmes

Saachin Shendage, Managing Director

Saachin Shendage

Managing Director

As soon as the students decide to study abroad, they are overwhelmed by every myths and facts received from the peers. Present time, it's no mettle for a student or a professional to study abroad or gain experience at foreign grounds. Thanks to dedicated education counselors like Wisdom Career Education Pvt. Ltd. (WCE) to reel you up with a better social skills, more international exposure, and cross cultural dynamics for a better self-reliance for your tour abroad. WCE is a recognized official representative of IELTS (British Council), Council of International Education Exchange (US), Berjaya University (Malaysia), and City Advance School Academy (Malaysia) serving students to peruse overseas education for 11 years.

Saachin Shendage, Managing Director, WCE, states, "Our programs and services are specifically designed to optimize the career development of students, graduates and industry professionals, at the same time promote international awareness and cultural exchange. As going abroad is more about building network, learning new skills, and more, we help students achieve these by guiding them for education abroad & international internships opportunities and professional development programs".

Due to lack of globalization in Indian education, students gape towards trending,
value added courses offered by the international institutions to improve their soft skills and to fetch a fruitful career. In order to improve their career needs, Wisdom Career Education was established in 2008 by Saachin and Suyog Shelar to cater to fresh graduates and experienced professionals. It renders professional services with a prime focus on offering Internships, Study Tours, Study Abroad as well as Learn & Earn programs in countries like US, Malaysia, France, Germany,Canada and Australia.

Services that Matters
Despite of a strong base of quality education in India, the in depth knowledge fails to animate due to lack of practical exposure to perform. To gain hands on experience in the field of interest, internships are needed either during the course work or after completion of the degree.As expert research facilities and industrial setups on foreign shores are perfect destinations, WCE arranges Student Internships and Graduate Internships(mainly for hotel management programs)in countries like US, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, France, Mauritius, and many other destinations. For accommodation of visiting students, it also assists by connecting students with local real estate agents or with the student already staying abroad.

Education is not only dependent on literacy, but should also on being self supporting. Many people though manage to obtain higher degrees after completing their education, they fail to reach the hotspots where their skills are valued thus leading to unemployment. As these professional finetuning is much required to fetch a career in the international market, WCE helps such potential aspirants through its Professional Development Programs combined with a unique study program integrated with an internship to obtain professional standing within the host country that may further lead to work permit and/or migration. As it trains individuals, WCE also maintains an effective strong hold on placement sector for hospitality & catering, business, finance, engineering, construction, nursing & midwifery, information technology, and computer science.

For a lucrative pay and gain of work experience at foreign grounds, a huge mass of experienced professionals aims to join the international workforce. To check the influx from different countries in the industry, they need to follow complex laws and regulation, making it difficult to obtain a work permit. With decades of expertise, WCE is the best assistance to deal with all the hassle for documentation for the individual to work in a host country for a period of time by attaining work permit. Saachin concludes, "Apart from Abroad Study & Internships programs, we will soon be offering Entrepreneurship crash courses in London & Berlin".