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Hartej Singh Sawhney,Director
Hartej Singh Sawhney, Director

To bring textbooks into life and foster genuine academic interest in students, it’s inevitable for every technical institution across the globe to be equipped with a state-of-the-art lab infrastructure that can bestow students with a genuine sense of industrial chores. Indeed, with students’ education and in turn the future of industries at stake, equipment of world-class quality is more than just a need. Boasting of a legacy of more than 45 years, Naugra Export sails over the cut-throat competition in the international market of manufacturing Educational Scientific-Lab Instruments & Training Equipment for educational institutions. Over the decades, this heritage turnkey organization has been highly successful in maintaining its commanding position and thus creating a unique identity for our country in the export business of this niche industry.

Having been in the cockpit ever since the technology revolution took off, Naugra Export effectively integrates the spirit of old world craftsmanship and advanced technology & tooling alongside state-of-the-art designs to engender customized & need-based high-functioning lab instruments & equipment. In the process, this award-winning company continues to set benchmarks in the industry, staunchly pursuing its vision to meet the over whelming demand of the scientific community by serving across 90+ countries with a rich heritage of accomplishing more than 2,000 turnkey projects for 1,000+ clients. Naugra Export’s robust production infrastructure spanning across 2,00,000 square feet, which is one of the largest in world, has been instrumental in building a remarkable portfolio that speaks for itself. As this significant investment in infrastructure further meets a seasoned workforce, it offers over 25,000 variants of instruments with quality as its trademark.

Naugra - Commanding the Market with Matchless Capabilities & End-to-End Solutions
“Skill development is likely to remain a dream if carried-out in isolation through centers at the 11th hour. It has to be imparted from a young age, giving students the time to prosper and flourish in their aspirations. This belief has been crucial in devising our product lines,” asserts Hartej Singh Sawhney, Director, Naugra Export.

Accounting to this comprehensive approach, right from providing Kindergartens with Abacus & informative toys to building the complete lab infrastructure for schools, engineering colleges & Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) institutes, and producing most sophisticated instruments for advanced research labs, Naugra Export encrusts
over the entire spectrum. Above all and most importantly, by standing tall on its wisdom, the company offers high-end technical & operational training on all its equipment. Thus, clients are enabled to use products more effectively, giving utmost experience to the students.

"Naugra Export effectively integrates the spirit of old world craftsmanship and advanced technology & tooling alongside state-of-the-art designs to engender customized & need-based high-functioning lab instruments & equipment"

To complete the spectrum and further consolidate the outcome of its vision, besides its educational provision, Naugra Export bestows the industrial sector with an entire gamut of advanced QC Lab equipment for safety & security, and testing raw materials, including but not limited to, metal, wood, concrete, and cement. No wonder the company has made it into the throne.

An Unparalleled Exporter
“We predominantly focus on exporting. Our major line of business is associated with international tenders floated by government bodies like ministries of Education & Healthcare and global organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, and other leading international financial institutions,” adjoins Hartej. Needless to say, international competitive bidding is entirely a different ball game, which calls for extreme capabilities, world’s best quality, and lowest pricing. Appreciably, Naugra Export maintains an unassailable market share across this channel, pledging more than 95 percent of its business to this area.

It’s quite exemplary the way Naugra Export flies well above the required parameters of such elite projects – starting right from the basics. This turnkey solution providers in truth finds synergy with the client from the concept stage and by often offering on-demand solutions. This close knit engagement helps the company in gathering a sense of complete requirement and pre-requirement of the product. “By probing deep into the requirements and post an intricate study, we provide the complete blueprint with technical specifications, brochure, catalog and most competitive prices, while bidding. This approach has been magnetic in attracting ample projects from across the world,” Hartej adds.

The Streamlined Process Placing Naugra Forefront
As the required parameters & standards of this niche industry always reside at their zeniths, the production stage is obliged to breathe quality! Naugra Export is best known for engendering tailor-made solutions with intact quality & fitting equipment at the lowest possible costs. It’s no secret that ensures this highest quality & durability possible, but the company’s diligent custom of testing& inspecting every part individually before assembling. In addition, Naugra Export’s seasoned resource pool comprising of experienced engineers who get to use the advanced technologies & tools
ascertains fabrication of the best modern products available in the market.

Back-lifted by its robust backend infrastructure, the company invites patrons to its factory for inspection and training, boasting of its capability to carry-out shipment inspections simultaneously! Nevertheless, production leads to the dawn of bigger responsibilities - on time delivery, efficient installation & commissioning, and all that it takes to ensure the complete benefit to users, as well as students. Well, this is where its dedicated after-sales team starts its day with a handful of undeniable propositions.

"Back-lifted by its robust backend infrastructure, Naugra invites patrons to its factory for inspection and training, boasting of its capability to carry-out shipment inspections simultaneously"

Once the time-bound logistics team does its job, the after-sales team immediately gets into action by offering installation, training, & commissioning, and most importantly, at various international locations - on site. Naugra Export also provides its customers with three years of warranty, and a dedicated customer support & service team to ensure support throughout the lifespan of its products.

The Exponential Growth Trajectories of Naugra
Naugra Export’s growth, especially over the past decade, has been a strong testament of its detailed approach, quality, and remarkable capabilities. With multiple offices established across Dubai, Middle East, U.S., UK, Eastern Europe, and Africa, the company in this period has grown more than 50 folds! Constant hands-on training alongside need-based external training provided to its 1200+ people strong workforce has been instrumental in developing an effective in-house ecosystem capable of piloting this growth.

“We will keep on contributing towards building a more affluent human society by providing our customers with more innovative products, quality maintained, and perfect services. We envision launching a single product unit that can provide training in multiple fields,” concludes Hartej. In near future, Naugra Export plans to expand its footprints in sectors such as Life Sciences, Chemical, Petrochemical, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, and Energy, by strengthening its bonds with World Bank and other government bodies around the world. It’s well on its way to help building a well-trained and highly skilled population.

Key Management:
Hartej Singh Sawhney, Director
A passionate professional with decades of experience in the exporting business, Hartej has been an exceptional leader and inspirer. He has played a pivotal role in the exponential growth story of company, especially over the past decade.

Offices: Ambala (India, Headquarter), Dubai, U.S., UK, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East