Naksha Academy: Transforming Education through Innovation & Empowering Students to Navigate the Challenges of Tomorrow

 G.V. Satish Reddy, Founder & Director,   Nalina Satish Reddy, Chairperson

G.V. Satish Reddy, Founder & Director

Nalina Satish Reddy, Chairperson

In the realm of education, the belief that early learning shapes the trajectory of a child's future is not just a mantra at Naksha Academy; it's a guiding principle etched into the school's very foundation. Established in 2012, Naksha Academy's journey has been propelled by a steadfast conviction in providing holistic education. Led by Founder and Director, G.V. Satish Reddy, and Chairperson, Nalina Satish Reddy, Naksha Academy stands as a testament to their firm commitment to redefining educational paradigms.

Founding Principles & Evolution

Naksha Academy's educational philosophy revolves around nurturing the holistic development of every child. This ethos is epitomized by the school's Principal – Liji Aneesh, who emphasizes the significance of imparting education that extends beyond mere academic excellence. Further, she says, “The tagline of our school, embodying the ideals of knowledge, inspiration, and preparedness for career pursuits, mirrors our dedication to nurturing versatile individuals primed to excel in an ever-shifting global landscape.

Originating from modest origins, our institution has experienced a remarkable transformation. This evolution coincided with the embrace of the CBSE curriculum, ensuring alignment with national educational benchmarks. Situated in Gunjur, our school boasts an extensive campus featuring two blocks of four-story buildings, fostering an environment conducive to both learning and personal development".

At the core of Naksha Academy's educational approach lies a dedication to cultivating an atmosphere where students are encouraged to explore their interests, discover their strengths, and unleash their full potential. Under the visionary guidance of the school's leadership, Naksha Academy has incorporated an advanced educational model that prioritizes experiential learning, critical thinking, and skill development. The school's mission is not only to impart knowledge but also to instill a lifelong love for learning and a passion for personal growth.

Cultivation of Essential Life Skills

Naksha Academy prioritizes nurturing a child's potential and fostering essential life skills through various workshops. Eminent personalities are invited to share experiences, enabling students to pose
questions and gain insights. The school incorporates activities like debates and presentations, extending beyond the textbook and classroom knowledge. Recognizing the evolving job landscape, Naksha Academy exposes students to diverse fields, moving beyond conventional career paths. By bringing in accomplished individuals, the academy aims to broaden students' horizons, emphasizing that every profession holds dignity and value. This approach guides students in understanding the diverse opportunities available, preparing them for the world beyond the school gates.

Furthermore, Naksha Academy highlights the pivotal role of teachers in education, acknowledging that despite the abundance of knowledge accessible at one's fingertips, proper guidance from educators remains indispensable. The academy stresses the importance of teachers acting as facilitators rather than solely imparting bookish knowledge. By encouraging students to engage in research and critical thinking, Naksha Academy aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of subjects.

When recruiting teachers, the academy prioritizes not only basic qualifications mandated by the CBSE but also a genuine passion for teaching and a willingness to invest time in students' growth. Teachers are encouraged to foster empathy and understanding, guiding students on their educational journey and empowering them to reach their full potential. This student-centered approach underscores Naksha Academy's commitment to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Nalina Satish Reddy, Chairperson

Beyond traditional academic studies, Naksha Academy offers a plethora of extracurricular activities aimed at nurturing students' talents and interests. From art and music to sports and technology, students are encouraged to explore their passions and pursue their aspirations. The school's infrastructure, equipped with modern amenities such as well equipped classrooms, labs, a library, and sports facilities, provides a conducive environment for holistic development.

Moreover, safety and security are paramount at Naksha Academy, with stringent measures in place to ensure the well-being of students. The school's transportation system is equipped with GPS tracking and CCTV surveillance, offering parents peace of mind during their children's commute to and from school.

Shaping Future Leaders

Looking ahead, Naksha Academy's future plans include expanding its offerings to include grades 11 and 12, with potential branches on the horizon. As it continues to evolve and innovate, Naksha Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the potential of every student, preparing them to excel academically, thrive professionally, and make a positive impact on society. With its holistic approach to education, Naksha Academy is poised to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, equipping them with the skills and mindset needed to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world.