Mount Litera Zee School OMR Chennai: Leveraging on Technology & Conceptual Learning to Offer the Best Educational Experience

Capt. Gopinath Dhayalan,   Founder-Chairman

Capt. Gopinath Dhayalan


For years, the Indian education institutions followed the traditional education system that focuses on academic achievement and is primarily based on rote learning. However, over the last decade, there has been a gradual transition towards embracing and adding holistic education to the curriculum that focuses on the overall development of a child while enhancing other important factors, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Among the extensive number of educational institutions and school chains currently active in India, one organization that stands out from the rest in terms of innovative curriculum and world-class teaching is Mount Litera Zee School(MLZS).

Started in 1994 under Zee’s educational arm Zee Learn, MLZS today has more than 130+ branches in over 110 cities across the country. Apart from quality education, the K12 school chain also puts equal focus on the character-building and personality development of its students. Since its inception in 2018, the Chennai branch of the fastest-growing school chain, MLZS – Navalur, has been carrying forward the tradition by setting a benchmark for progressive and holistic education in India through single-minded devotion to each child’s growth and development. The school’s operations are based on a core philosophy, which is WRFC What is Right for the Child.

Ensuring a Conducive Learning Environment for Students

One of the major strengths of MLZS Navalur is its curriculum. Each of the MLZ schools follows a proprietary curriculum model known as Litera Octave, a perfect blend of the CBSE National Education Policy (NEP) with international education standards. Another core strength of the school has been its infrastructure. MLZS Navalur leverages technology to incorporate conceptual learning with a proven concept retention rate better than rote learning.

Each of the classrooms in the school is equipped with Digital Panel boards with smooth access to the curriculum, broadband, and social media and facilitates both audiovisual as well as art-integrated learning. Even students can access the relevant study materials through social media. The school also is equipped with a lab for AI and Robotics. Various trending technologies, such as AI, robotics, 3D printing, arduino simulation, app development, and so on, are introduced to the kids from Grade 1 itself where young minds are nurtured in the realms of innovation and technology.

Apart from that, the school also puts equal focus on introducing the students to entrepreneurship. Capt. Gopinath Dhayalan, Chairman at MLZS Navalur, underscores this commitment, stating, "In addition to our technological offerings, we provide Financial Literacy Program (FLIP) courses to students from Grade 3 to Grade 8. These courses serve as an early exposure for budding entrepreneurs, equipping them with essential financial skills for their future endeavors".
Furthermore, the school is dedicated to promoting responsible digital citizenship by offering Digital Citizenship Program (DCP) that raise awareness about the ethical usage of social media platforms.

Co-curricular Activities & Faculty Selection

Coming to co-curricular activities, MLZS Navalur has introduced five co-curricular activities for its students, such as Taekwondo, Keyboard, Bharatanatyam, Western Dance, and Skating. The school also has infra-structure for sports like football, basketball, and tennis and has an international eight-layer acrylic court for the same. Students can go for training in these three sports free of cost after school hours by specialized coaches hired by the school. The school also has dedicated junior and senior-level teams for each of those three sports.

Where technology fuels conceptual learning, surpassing rote memorization with proven retention rates

MLZS considers its faculties to be the main foundation of its system. The recruitment process begins with meticulous shortlisting, followed by a rigorous evaluation through a written test. Subsequently, qualified candidates undergo a final assessment in an on-spot demonstration round. Here, they are tasked with showcasing their knowledge and potential on a given topic before a panel comprising Heads of Departments, the Chairman, Correspondent Vijayashanthi Gopinath and the Principal. Upon selection, faculty members undergo comprehensive training, tailored to familiarize them with the MLZS system and its innovative learning design.

Emphasis on Safety, Fun, & Hygiene

To ensure a child-friendly environment, the school follows a strict policy of having a specific number of students per classroom. The school allows only 15 students in a pre-primary classroom and 30 students in primary, middle, and secondary classrooms. “Each of the teachers is strategically allocated with 25 periods a week. The whole campus, including each of the classrooms, is well-equipped with CCTV cameras that are closely monitored by the Chairman, Correspondent Vijayashanthi Gopinath and the Principal to ensure smooth functioning of the academic activities. Dedicated staff are assigned to ensure proper hygiene across the lavatories. Even de-infestation activities take place every 15 days to ensure that the campus is free of harmful insects and mosquitoes”, explains Capt. Gopinath Dhayalan.

In its future trajectory, MLZS Navalur is steering students towards futuristic learning, prioritizing conceptual understanding. The school is actively integrating diverse educational programs to prepare students for competitive exams like NEET and JEE, fostering holistic academic excellence. Embracing innovation, MLZS Navalur is poised to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving world.