Shaurya Bharat: In Line of Nation Building

Capt. Atul Kulshrestha,Founder & CEOWith advent of EdTech and online learning, access to education has become more seamless than ever. What once was a distant strategy, requiring students to pre-plan before setting foot, is now a matter of decision to just go for it. With increased access to the internet, smartphone penetration, and AI-based innovations, EdTech players are making the preparation journey more organized, seamless and hassle-free for aspirants. Being a study buddy, EdTech platforms give students easy access to online study material, allow them to take tests anytime, get instant teacher assistance 24×7, and whatnot to find their way to success.

While there are 'n' number of platforms catering to the technology, IT and Management competitive exam aspirants, government exams have remained in the hindsight of such online educators. Only a handful of platforms are truly dedicated to helping aspirants realize their dreams to serve the people and nation through government jobs. Why government competitive exams receive relatively less attention from edtech solution providers; is a question for a different day. Today, we're introducing you to a dynamic, quintessential and India's First Defence Exams Learning App- Shaurya Bharat.

Brainchild of Capt. Atul Kulshrestha and powered by his premiere `Capt Atul Shaurya Academy', Jodhpur, the Shaurya Bharat App has given 3600 selections (as on Jan 2022) in Indian Armed Forces since 2012. The app is dedicated to coach, train and prepare the aspirants for competitive exams of Armed Forces, Paramilitary forces & Police Services. Shaurya Bharat app provides exceptional learning content (E­Books and Video Lectures), evaluation system and systematic learning through Live interactive classes to the candidates who carry the passion and zeal to serve the country.

Offerings in Detail- Wide spanning Portfolio
a. Covers complete defence exams with 35+ Courses
b. Officer's Exams courses (NDA/CDS/AFCAT/CAPF AC)
c. Schools (Sainik/Military School/Jawahar NavodayaVidyalaya/RIMC)
d. Army (GD/Clerk/NA/Tech/Tradesman/NA(Vet)/SKT)
e. Air Force (X Group & Y Group)
f. Navy (AA/SSR/MR)
g. Paramilitary (SSC (GD)/BSF/ITBP/CRPF/CAPF/Assam Rifles)
h. Police Constable and Sub Inspector Exams (All States)

Shaurya Bharat strives to create a powerful learning platform for aspirants or students to proceed on their journey with confidence. After all, every child is special.

This has been the very philosophy that guides the idea behind the Shaurya Bharat App. Capt. Atul explains, “The thought process that has helped build this platform is just as unique as any candidate. We believe if the academically weakest child in the class becomes the teacher's favorite, it will of course help the child, but will also automatically lift the spirits of the entire class”.

About the Visionaries
Capt. Atul Kulshrestha
Capt. Atul Kulshrestha is a Third-generation army officer. Capt. Atul is an Alumni of Officers Training Academy, Chennai, commissioned in the 16 Rajput Regiment in March 2000. After joining the Regiment of his choice Capt Atul excelled in military training and various military programs including the ones at the tough terrains of Jammu and Kashmir. Due to his exemplary courage & bravery, he was awarded commendation for his distinguished services.
Prior to joining the forces, in 1995, Capt. Atul did his graduation from the very prestigious Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur & Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management in 1997. In 2001, the officer did his master's in business administration from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. Before joining the Indian Armed Forces, Capt. Atul traversed other areas of his interest. He worked with Oasis Cellular & FMCG in Sales. Soon he found his calling, and in 2006 he moved to corporate life and joined the Fortis Healthcare. In 2007 he moved to Reliance Broadcast. After serving three years in the broadcast industry, Capt. Atul established his own consulting firm A&D Consultants. Soon after, in October of 2012, Capt. Atul established Shaurya Academy & launched Shaurya Bharat app in August, 2020. He has lived by the motto, `Sarvatra Vijayi Shauryaveer'.

Captain Atul is also an excellent orator, with an impeccable aptitude for motivating students. His dynamic personality makes it easy for him to reach out to the masses. Students have always considered his experience nothing less than a treasure.

The App's academic finesse is the hard work of Dr.Vanita Kulshrestha and her team.

Dr. Vanita Kulshrestha
Dr. Vanita is an alumnus of Faculty of Science, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. She holds a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry. Her personality reflects the morals and virtues bestowed upon her by parents who played an exceptional role in shaping and making her a better person personally and professionally. Her father Kailash Chandra Sankhla showed the world his valor by serving in the Indian Air Force, and his emphasis on being self stable and building his own identity made Dr. Vanita do wonders in life. Dr. Vanita's zeal to serve the global education community, led her to expand her forte by incepting & launching the idea of Shaurya Digiconnect. as Director & Chief Product Officer. The shape that this venture is taking is a fruit of her efforts and hard work. She is primarily associated with the strategy, structure, management and operations of the organization. Dr. Vanita's unique ideas are ready to take over all the big names in the management and online field.

Dr. Vanita Kulshrestha, Director & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Vanita is a result oriented professional with more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector. She is a great communicator and leader, pertaining radio operations with RBNL, `Vaani Course' certified from All India Radio Jodhpur.

Exceptional Features & Methodologies
India is expected to have a population of 140 million college-going people by 2030. These people will have a significant role to play in shaping India's competitiveness in the global talent market. However, given the emphasis on rote learning and lack of relevant digital skills, India's education system is facing challenges in preparing a job-ready workforce. At this point, newer learning methodologies are a welcome step. Shaurya Bharat App has worked on a unique concept, i.e. photo memory wherein important topics/subjects or questions are made to appear on the app on a daily basis thereby improving the chances of the student to remember the same. Shaurya Bharat App has several such unique features and characteristics that have made the life of aspirants easier.

Shaurya Bharat strives to create a powerful learning platform for aspirants or students to proceed on their journey with confidence. After all, every child is special

The platform enables one-on-one counseling of students so as to understand their areas of improvements, rigorous handholding and mentoring accompanied by daily & weekly tests, Analytical Evaluation system & counseling, extra-curricular & non-academic content in the form of Shaurya Gatha & Videos, and rewards & recognition system.

App Features & Technology
• Live Interactive Classes
• Recorded Video Lectures, which can be downloaded and played anytime
• 24 hrs Doubt resolution
• Highly enriched E-Books
• Chapter-wise practice tests for self-evaluation
• Exam pattern-based exams with all India ranking for battle inoculation

Towards Equal Opportunities & Excellent Quality Education
Shaurya Bharat is under continuous enhancements with more retrofits and features being added. In the near future, the app will be available in more Indian languages. Shaurya Digiconnect is in pursuit of excellence to bring quality education and self evaluation system to all competitive exams aspirants in rural and urban India thus giving all aspirants an equal opportunity to excel without any economic burden.