Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous: Committed to Providing a Balanced Comprehensive Education in Arts, Science and Commerce

Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C S,PrincipalYoung women, who want to be educated, and aspire for more, will not be stopped. Jyoti Nivas College, a minority educational institution for girls, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes, way back in 1966, is a premier autonomous college for women today, with strength of over 5000 students. The University Grants Com-mission has conferred it with the title `College of Excellence'. Among the many academic disciplines offered by the college, media studies stand out for many reasons. The Centre for Media Studies at Jyoti Nivas College offers three distinct programs, namely, Communicative English (Mass Communication), Journalism, Visual Communication and Performing Arts. These distinct programs add choice, variety and scope to the field of communication and media studies.

Over 600 students, pursuing media studies here in diverse areas of media, with very dynamic syllabi, and with a remarkable media infrastructure and well-trained staff, prove time and again to themselves and to the world ­ yes, I/we can. With that confidence, education moves beyond classrooms. Many events such as national media symposiums, national student film festivals, and many more, organized by the Centre bring creative and critical minds together. The institute also offers visual communication studies that are uniquely coupled with performing arts; whereby every year the students stage an English play with all its theatrical elements.

Regular micro activities of newspaper publication, radio and television news production, online publication, photography
projects, design jobs, sound production, film-making, advertisement creation, theatre and dance practice, and much more, keep the students always on a learning gear.

Education beyond Limits
Beyond the syllabi, peer learning and specialized learning are part of Jyoti Nivas College's holistic curriculum. The Centre for Media Studies also has a multi-dimensional staff mentored, peer learning circles for film, radio, writing, performing arts, design, and photography, called, AVANT GARDE circles. "It's a joy to see students taking the responsibility of educating themselves in the field of their passion. They discuss, share, get industry people to engage with them and do stuff that they are passionate about in their fields of interest. The students manage the online campus radio station, `Campfire'; campus newspapers, `Our Story' and `Open Story'; and campus television `Campulse'. These innovative practices help enthusiastic students to take their learning to the next level in this ever-changing and competitive media world and walk into the industry as young confident women", explains, Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C. S., Principal, Jyoti Nivas College.

Peer learning and specialized learning are also part of Jyoti Nivas College’s holistic curriculum

With the mentoring-model of teaching-learning paradigm and constant guidance, the students gradually emerge to be industry-ready. To better the chances of a better and suitable job, the students undergo internships at various media and communication firms and organizations. They put into use their skills and knowledge, and test their core abilities and strengths.

Industry Collaboration
The trainers and professors in the Centre for Media Studies is a mixture of well-qualified academicians and industry experts. Many skill-oriented courses are taught by experts from the industry, for example, the entire performing arts segment is taught by industry partners; Loka Studio trains the students for Movement Practices and dance; theatre is taught by YouAndMe theatre. Film making is taught by directors and filmmakers from the industry. The college has an active placement cell, and the Centre for Media Studies organizes a media job/higher studies fair as well. Diverse companies and organizations participate in it, conduct campus interviews and recruit talented students.

As a premier college for women, Jyoti Nivas shapes the young tender minds into self-assured women for tomorrow. The institute grooms young girls into becoming women with integrity, commitment, dignity, courage and conviction; women with strong minds, fearless hearts, lofty ideals and a clear vision. Education creates women who have knowledge and skills, also women stands for truth, fight injustice, intolerance and inequality, and usher in an era of peace, prosperity, truth and justice.