Mechatron Robotics: Inspiring The Next Generation To Be Industry Ready With Project Based Learning

Siddhartha Kumar,   FounderMechatron Robotics is the EdTech division of Neurapses Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading machine learning companies working on next-generation technologies to provide smart solutions to businesses. Mechatron Robotics is one of the most preferred platforms in India for students aged 7-22 years to learn 21stcentury technological skills like Robotics, AI, IoT, Coding, Arduino, Machine Learning, and more. It firmly believes in comprehensive learning and provides project-based learning experiences to students that combine both technical and nontechnical skills like Innovative thinking, Creativity, Logical reasoning, Communication, and Perseverance.

Mechatron Robotics’ courses are uniquely designed and developed by experienced engineers and industry experts to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students to build real-life projects in the field of Robotics. To address the issue of high screen time for students due to online learning, it has created a Hybrid Learning Program Model in which students can learn through online LIVE sessions while also working on hardware kits. This hybrid model is the ideal option for offline class-based teaching where students can work on hardware while sitting at home. The firm has also launched one of the first DIY Robotics Kits, DIY IoT Kit, DIY Drones, and DIY Humanoids for students to practically build challenging and variety of projects, based on their creativity levels, and learn the technology of Robotics. Mechatron Robotics developed this with the assistance of its excellent R&D team of Robotic Engineers.

MechatronRobotics has been part of many prestigious institutions like IIT, top engineering colleges, and schools owing to its valuable knowledge and content by conducting different workshops on various topics. A platform like TEDx has also given Mechatron Robotics as a creative company the opportunity to demonstrate its work on how it built the courses and reached out to
students.Further Mechatron Robotics is recognized as an internationally recognized body by STEM. org, which is one of the leading and valuable accreditation bodies of STEM education for quality certifications.

“The vision is to transform education by building a culture for the young minds to innovate & solve problems using technological tools of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence”.

The Road Ahead
Since its inception in 2018, Mechatron Robotics has trained more than 50,000+ students and now has 17+ franchisees having footprints in India, Australia, Germany, Kenya, and 14 countries of Africa. Further, it intends to expand globally, assisting entrepreneurs from other nations and areas in launching business through a cost-effective franchise based model, easy to start a business & thus promote entrepreneurship among youth.

The courses are uniquely designed with the goal of developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in students to build real life projects in the field of Robotics

Mechatron Robotics has witnessed tremendous development and increase in response from school students while imparting their courses. The firm has also witnessed great demand among engineering students for the courses. Thus, it plans to develop more programs and internship opportunities to bridge the gap between the Industrial requirements and academics of engineering colleges. Mechatron Robotics is also looking to add Virtual Reality (VR) & Mixed Reality (MR) Technology with Robotics and create an immersive learning experience for students. Since Mechatron Robotics also has an IT division under Neurapses Technologies, it plans to launch the first working version of an AI-based learning management system in 2022, for the educational companies, schools & tutoring industry with enhanced AI-based features, which imparts AI capabilities and recommendation systems to both online and offline modes of education. It has been designed in such a way that any educational institution can use it without any hassles.