Maruma Consultancy: Empowering Professionals Through Impactful Career Transformation Approach

  Mahesh Deshmukh,    Founder & Coach

Mahesh Deshmukh

Founder & Coach

Executive Coaches in India play a crucial role in fostering professional growth by providing persons in leadership positions with tailored coaching and mentoring. However, many find it difficult to navigate the complex terrain of personal and professional obstacles. People often struggle with problems related to controlling their emotions, conquering bad thought patterns, improving their relationship skills, reducing stress, and reducing worry. Enter Maruma Consultancy, a beacon of innovative solutions. Specializing in empowerment, Maruma Consultancy transforms emotional intelligence, reshapes negative thought landscapes, refines relationship skills, and navigates stress and anxiety for positive life changes. Committed to holistic well-being, it is an ally propelling individuals to over come obstacles and flourish in personal and professional realms.

Pioneering Transformative Coaching with Multi-Method Expertise

Founded in 2000 by Mahesh Deshmukh, PhD, MCC, CDWF, Maruma Consultancy is a distinguished provider of executive, leadership, and life coaching for individuals and groups. Employing a dynamic and multi-method approach, the skilled coaches at Maruma engage in various modalities, including Daring Way facilitation by Brene Brown, Enneagram, Functional Fluency, Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology, Heartmath, and Mindfulness Practices. “Our core focus areas encompass self-discovery, emotional intelligence, effective relationship building, resilience, leadership effectiveness, and mastering crucial conversations”, adds Mahesh Deshmukh. Maruma Consultancy conducts diverse workshops, addressing couples, parenting, and teacher training. Notably, it pioneers a unique eight-day retreat titled ‘Stranger to Myself’, providing a technology detox for participants to explore self-discovery and personal effectiveness without distractions. Maruma Consultancy is dedicated to empowering individuals to realize their fullest potential.

The firm stands out with a unique selling proposition focused on simplifying people development. The consultancy thrives on a commitment to understanding clients’ needs deeply. Deshmukh’s approach extends beyond the consultancy’s offerings, readily recommending suitable alternatives when necessary. The multi-method philosophy acknowledges the necessity of tailored methodologies, emphasizing the diversity of individual needs. Deshmukh’s distinctive USP lies in his unwavering dedication to being fully present for clients, actively assessing their requirements, and ensuring a harmonious alignment between heart and mind. This client-centric approach positions Maruma as a professional and effective framework for simplified and impactful people development in the industry.

Maruma’s Global Coaching Excellence

With over three decades of experience and 7000+ hours in Executive/ Leadership Coaching, Mahesh, the visionary Founder of Maruma Consultancy, is a rare global coach. Integrating diverse modalities seamlessly, he holds an ICF-MCC credential, Mentor Coach certification, Coaching Supervision Diploma, and other accolades. “Initiated at Siemens, my coaching expedition molded the foundation for my groundbreaking PhD in Applied Psychology from IIT Bombay. The core of Maruma’s distinctive approach lies in my unwavering commitment to impactful interventions and a daily philosophy centered around making a meaningful difference”, speaks Mahesh Deshmukh. Conducting group sessions, coaching C-Level executives, and contributing to academia, Mahesh’s influence extends beyond coaching, solidifying Maruma Consultancy’s professional and effective USP in simplified people development.

Barbara Anderson's Impact on Maruma's Coaching Program

“Barbara Anderson, an esteemed MCC Coach and Trainer from Australia was pivotal in reshaping the firm’s coaching program, becoming a beacon in my coaching journey. Originally curated by Barbara, the program
under went a significant transformation when she invited me to contribute my unique perspectives.Recognizing the potential for enhanced facilitation and coaching processes, Barbara granted me the opportunity to redesign the program. Now expanded from a 60-hour to a comprehensive 100-hour ICF approved Level One program, the revamped offering has garnered widespread acclaim. Diverse participants, including professionals from Indian Oil, retired HR executives from Kansai Nerolac, and even CEOs from technology firms, have flocked to the course”, says Mahesh Deshmukh. The program’s inclusive approach welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, fostering a dynamic learning environment. In the past couple of years, the program’s success has been evident in the positive reception and testimonials from participants. The impact on personal and professional growth has been profound, solidifying its reputation as a transformative coaching experience.

“Maruma Consultancy, led by Mahesh Deshmukh, embraces transformative coaching focusing on profound impact & unwavering curiosity”

Tailored Programs for Personal & Professional Growth

Maruma Consultancy offers a diverse range of transformative programs designed to empower individuals on their personal and professional journeys. The ‘Towards Mastery’ program serves as a foundational coach certification, introducing participants to essential coaching skills and competencies aligned with the International Coach Federation standards. For those seeking a new perspective on leadership, parenting, and work dynamics, ‘The Daring Way’ program stands out. It explores the transformative power of vulnerability in recognizing and addressing shame-induced patterns. The ‘Functional Fluency’ program leverages the TIFF model to enhance emotional literacy and inter personal effectiveness, guiding individuals in understanding and developing effective modes of behavior.

The firm’s ‘Art of Enneagram’ initiative delves deep into relationship building through a 3-day exploration of this ancient yet modern system, empowering participants to make emotionally intelligent choices. The ‘Stranger To Myself’ program is a 8-day transformative journey, complemented by a yearlong journal. It utilizes a combination of TIFF, Enneagram, and Heart math tools to redefine personal narratives and foster growth. Lastly, the ‘Strategic Leadership’ program of Maruma Consultancy integrates neuroscience and organizational learning, equipping leaders with the tools to tap into their inner resources for the benefit of their teams and organizations. Each program reflects its commitment to providing impactful and comprehensive learning experiences tailored to diverse needs and aspirations.

“Our Leadership Coaching programs are tailored to foster long-term excellence by employing integrative techniques that encompass the mind, body, and heart. Specifically designed for executives, our Executive/ Leadership Coaching initiative is a transformative journey that encourages exploration and the development of impactful leadership solutions. In our Mentor Coaching program, we offer a comprehensive understanding of the International CoachFederation's core competencies, providing a solid foundation for individuals embarking on their unique coaching journey. Tailored to suit ACC, PCC, and MCC applicants, this program ensures a thorough grasp of essential coaching principles”, shares Mahesh Deshmukh.

For those seeking a communal and transformative coaching experience, the Group Coaching program, aptly named ‘Be The Change’ (BTC), facilitates remarkable results. Engaging up to 25 participants in regular cohorts, this program spans over a 100- day period, providing individual and group coaching to participants. It serves as a dynamic platform for collaborative growth and transformation, fostering positive change within a supportive community.

The journey of Maruma Consultancy unfolds as a narrative of pivotal milestones shaped by the Founder’s relentless curiosity and steadfast dedication to making a meaningful impact. Personal milestones, encompassing triumphs over academic challenges and adept navigation of emotional landscapes, have yielded profound insights into coaching. The international exposure in Singapore heightened cultural sensitivity and laid the groundwork for a comprehensive coaching philosophy. Culminating in distinctive experiences, such as the successful homeschooling experiment with the Founder’s daughter, this narrative seamlessly weaves into the fabric of Maruma’s ethos. The consultancy emerges as a transformative coaching entity distinguished by its profound depth and unwavering curiosity.

Mahesh Deshmukh, Founder & Coach

To people who are genuinely interested in creating a ‘wow’ moment in their and others lives, this intense coach training program, ‘towards mastery’ by mahesh deshmukh, will find a calling in their life - ganesh selvaraj, ex-hr head manipal hospitals

Mahesh has unique abilities to make you realize the competencies to become a coach. His total ‘presence’ during the entire course program actively helped me discover my own learning needs as coach. He power fully demonstrates not only what you need but how to get it in the ‘here and now’. It was an amazing experience for some one like me from non-hr background - anil bhot, coo, digital printing and flexo solutions, technova imaging systems.

IT is a top-notch program that we have benefitted tremendously from. Mahesh deshmukh is a passionate coach and his programs are world-class - deepak hota, former cmd, bharat earth movers.

IT was a pleasure for me to be a part of the three-month long journey of towards mastery, so wonderfully steered by mahesh deshmukh. With his charming personality and some incisive questions, deshmukh helped me know myself better. Through well-structured training, coupled with a series of coaching practice sessions, he has led me to a path where i can now help others unlock their potential - dr. Amit gupta, ph.d. general manager (skill and org development), indian oil.