Markaz Unani Medical College And Hospital: Revitalizing Unani Medicine Education in India through Innovative Teaching Methods

 Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed,   General Secretary

Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed

General Secretary

The Unani system of medicine has a long history in India. First introduced by the Arabs and Persians, its early origins can be traced back to the eleventh century. Over the years, India has developed into one of the leading countries when it comes to the practice of Unani medicine and during the last couple of decades, the demand for Unani medicine education has been on the rise which has led to the increasing number of educational institutions offering education on Unani medicine. One of the pioneering names when it comes to Unani medicine education in India is Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital. The Institute aspires to offer professional healthcare education in the Unani system of medicine to the general public. It is approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India, and National Commission for Indian System of Medicine, New Delhi. The college has also obtained the NOC from the Govt. of Kerala and consent of affiliation by Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur. Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital is committed to never compromising on the quality of their education which has helped them to develop into one of the most preferred educational institutions offering Unani education.

Scaling Unprecedented Heights
In 2010 Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya proposed Kerala's first Unani Medical College as Markaz Unani Medical College in a serene atmosphere that is indispensable in imparting quality education. Over the years, the institute has been able to grow from strength to strength owing to its passion to ensure best-in-class education to its students. Talking more about the vision of the institute, Raheema Unani, Administrative Officer, Markaz Unani Medical College, and Hospital says "We aspire to rejuvenate the traditional medical system of Unani with a scientific approach and propagate it as a widely practiced medical system which is affordable for the common people by producing the medicines using the natural resources available and by providing professional doctors who are ethically driven, service minded, social oriented and committed to think and act to solve health concerns. Offering top-notch education to students from all walks of life is one of our top priorities and through our training, we want to nurture passionate learners who can have a positive impact on society. To help bright students who have financial difficulties, we have a plethora of scholarship options available".
Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital has multiple departments to cater to the varied aspirations of its students. These departments include the Department of Kulliyat-i-Tibb: (Kulliyat Umoor-e-Tabiya)- this department educates students on the general principles as well as basic fundamentals of medicine, Department of Tashreeh-ul-Badan (Anatomy) this department is responsible for educating the students on clinical anatomy, Department of Munafe-ul-Aza (Physiology) this department deals with teaching the students about the normal functions of a human body, and Department of Mahiyatul Amraz (Pathology) which teaches the students about pathology with emphasis on clinical aspects. Aside from these, the institute also has a plethora of other departments as well including the Department of Saidla (Teaching Pharmacy), Department of Advia (Unani Pharmacology), Department of Tahaffuzi Wa Samaji Tib(Preventive & Community Medicine), Department of Moalajat (Medicine), Department of Amraz-e-Atfal (Paediatrics), and Department of Ilmul Qabalat Wa Amraze Niswan (Gynaecology & Obstetrics) among many others. Even while offering education in a myriad of topics, Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital always focus on catering to the requirements of each individual student so that they can realize their true potential.

We aspire to rejuvenate the traditional medicalsystem of Unani with a scientific approach and propagate it as a widely practiced medical system

Creating Healthcare Leaders of Tomorrow
Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital operate with a mission to shape highly motivated doctors who are compassionate, and patient-centric with the highest benchmark of clinical skills through innovative methods of teaching and learning by highly qualified faculty, regular clinical practices, community outreaches, best infrastructure, and a dynamic research atmosphere. The institute has an unparallel track record of maintaining quality standards by appointing experienced faculty as per the norms of the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM), New Delhi. Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital is the centre of academic excellence through appropriate innovative and NEET-based programs conducted in a student-friendly atmosphere. The Institute aspires to empower medical students with a professional atmosphere that nurtures sincerity, dedication, and ingenuity among the students. In order to create the perfect learning environment for their students, they have also laid major emphasis on consistently improving their infrastructure. Aside from modern lecture and seminar halls, the institute also has a library that houses more than 10,089 books which are related to Unani, Ayurveda, Modern Medicine, journals, and periodicals.

Driven by their passion for constant improvement and innovation, Markaz Unani Medical College and Hospital aims to continuously improve the quality of their education so that they can nurture the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. By focusing on the quality of their education, the institute also aspires to be synonymous with world class Unani education and bring more awareness toward the benefits of the Unani medicine system to the general public.