Magic Spell Pre School : Every Child Matters because every Child Deserves

 Sunitha Grace ,  Founder & Chairperson

Sunitha Grace

Founder & Chairperson

More people are becoming aware of how crucial the first few years of life are for the healthy development of an infant or toddler’s brain, today. This is a fantastic first step towards giving all children access to high-quality early care and education. The global preschool market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of roughly 13.5 percent from 2022 to 2027, with marked market revenue. Numerous factors, such as an increase in disposable income, working mothers, nuclear families, and rising demand for toddlers to attend highquality preschool programs, are expected to fuel this growth. This sector has experienced some of the fastest growth in both developing and developed nations with favorable economic environments and room for expansion.

A small step with a distinctive vision, Magic Spell Preschool was established in October 2017 to educate kids in the early years through systematic instruction before they start primary school. It aims to give every child cognitive academic language proficiency, effective reading and writing skills, numerical skills, scientific thinking, creativity, physical education, morals, teamwork, self-help and to prepare them for the challenges of higher education. It guarantees that all children are taught at their own pace to learn, so that learning should occur for every child, regardless of how much additional time you are required to devote. It provides high quality differentiated instruction, supplemental strategic interventions and intense individualized interventions at every stage.

The real world implementation of sensory based, self-directed learning using the authentic Montessori Method serves as the defining characteristic of programs at Magic Spell schools. Children are taught to learn with attention, independence, and creativity in this setting. It offers numerous options for early childhood education in the areas of academic resources, curriculum delivery, worksheets, teaching resources, creatives,
practical instruction, themes, and activities. Magic Spell preschool advocates connected learning through an integrated curriculum. So, the major driving force behind integrated teaching and learning is the belief that when themes, subjects and projects are combined children begin to see meaningful connections between subjects & matters. A consistent daily routine is implemented to promote balanced participatory learning.

Magic Spell is entirely phonics-based. It provides elevated reading standards for its students, and it emphasizes on improving reading, spelling, and writing skills at a very early stage. In addition, the institution puts in a lot of effort into developing the vocabulary and has a very integrated approach and curriculum. The school places a lot of emphasis on maintaining discipline, which is why it has a system called the ‘Stay Golden’ Chart where students who are consistently on time, complete their homework on time, maintain discipline, or adhere to rules that have their names listed there and receive rewards each month.

We strive towards bridging all the gaps & learning difficulties that lead to a drop in academic performance at the primary level

In contrast to other institutions, Magic Spell has been educating special needs children, who are simply turned away by other institutions. These children have a special room with counseling services and a facility for children with special needs. Magic Spell distinguishes itself from competing businesses in the market by working with children and teaching them to find a good environment to interact with other children. Magic Spell adheres to the National Education Policy standards 2020, which requires children to be at least three years old to enter the nursery, four years old to enter LKG, and five years old to enter UKG. The parents only need to fill out a few forms and submit a few documents as part of Magic Spell’s very straight forward admissions process. The institution also charges a very low fee for admission and also offers scholarship opportunities to those who fall below the poverty line, giving the child free education.

The institution has been giving the kids access to some extracurricular activities like field trips, dance lessons, and arts & crafts, and it has enough space to hold smaller activities tied to the curriculum. At Magic Spell, every child is given equal opportunities at school and we work a lot. “As educators, we are constantly searching for new ways to help students make sense of the multitude of life’s experiences. The goal is for the school to intervene or step in and start helping before anyone falls really far behind. So, we work a lot on ensuring that no child is left behind with regard to the lessons or their learning & academic progress. Magic Spell has its branches in Chennai and Hyderabad and we plan to gradually expand our institutions in the future", concludes Sunitha Grace, Founder of Magic Spell.