Little Leaders Play School: Transforming Indian Education By Delivering Quality Education to The Little Leaders

Anu Gupta,Chairperson
Anu Gupta, Chairperson

Parents are same almost every where, and everyone gets a mixed group of different-minded people who hand over their most prized possessions to a certain group of people working in a building called a school. It is how these surroundings provide the security to the children and help them grow as strong individuals nurtured amongst an equally strong support system, helps win the parent’s trust. Based out of New Delhi, Little Leaders Play School is an institute which not just addresses the concerns of parents but is also recognized as the best preschool for offering quality education experiences to the little leaders and to make them expressive, innovative, responsible and lovable citizen by instilling the life skills in them.

Set up under the aegis of Leaders Learning House Pvt. Ltd., Little Leaders Play School is an innovative social enterprise built with a vision to transform India’s schools. The school is promoted by alumni of IIM/ IIT and professionals having more than 50 years of experience in the field of education. Narrating the inception story of the Little Leaders Play School, Anu Gupta, Chairperson of Leaders Group of Schools says, “We were just another regular young first time parents and like everybody else, we also started looking for a good school for our child to love going to. Our kid was at a preschool age and an active learner, nonetheless a little shy, so that had us a little bothered that the place should be welcoming for a small child whose cord will be officially cut as per the first time separation from parents was just around the corner. Although we found a place and started sending him there but there was this constant thought at the back of our minds that it was a compromise and we could only choose what the best from the available lot was. This was the first brick in the foundation for the thought and desire to provide standardized services to the parents of such small children and provide them with the option of choosing what was best, rather than from the options available. These thoughts became the plan in no time and we found ourselves working towards it in a very short time.”

Soon, the founding team of Little Leaders Play School started out on a quest to provide the best facilities and developed an equally beautiful curriculum to support. The firm worked on the facilities to upgrade the present scenario of the preschools in the close vicinity. “We did our gap analysis and started with our own preschool with everything under our quality control and following a strict plan of various processes and procedures and under rigorous audits to maintain the standards,” adds Anu. Today, Little Leaders has high-quality curriculum, training, assessment and on-going support capabilities; the single goal of all the teachers in ‘Little Leaders’ is to provide kids with a culturally sound environment, right values, love and protection needed for a healthy body, mind and soul in the most critical phase of a child’s growing years.

Not Just an Ordinary School
An institute designed around the overall child’s development, Little Leaders believes that children should not only perform well in academics and sports at school but also their creativity, thinking capabilities, independence and leadership qualities should be developed in an harmonious manner. At Little Leaders, quality education is imparted by unique teaching methodology-an inquiry-based learning which helps the child excel at Reading, Listening, Asking and Learning. It is not only a play school but also a place where emphasis is given on
providing special attention to mental, physical and emotional growth to develop the skills of'Self Discovery', ‘Logical Thinking’ and ‘Observation’ in each child. Hence, Little Leaders has developed a system in such a way that it taps and harnesses the main qualities in children. This can well be summed up as its vision and mission.

"While The Overall Journey of the firm has not been very Long Enough, Little Leaders Has Left No stone unturned to Established Its Names As a World – Class Schooling Facility at an Affordable Prices"

The founding team of Little Leaders Play School firmly believes that, the one who stops learning, stops growing. Anu Gupta says, “We fully believe in incorporating new support structures and facilities to keep up with the changing times. Even at a preschool level, we have a fully updated curriculum which is our main strength, to focus on the child’s development. The curriculum is NCF and NCERT approved and is R & D backed with the sole discretion of working on the child’s individuality and personalized learning. Not to forget, the basic state of art facilities that we offer since they are the part of basic alignment in a school. With our further extension of play school, we are charting out many procedures in our schools like STEM Lab, 3-D Lab, E-Curriculum, Mobile Innovation Lab, Smart Technology Enabled Classrooms, SkoolApp and many more which would come with changing times. At Little Leaders, we also use various teaching aids like Bee Bot, single and multi piece puzzles, hammer set, shape sorter, sensory kit, self help kit, hand puppets, doctor kit, different flash cards, maze game, color filters, abacus, musical instruments,and many more Montessori Method equipments.”

With high-quality curriculum, training, assessment and on-going support capabilities, the single goal of all the teachers in Little Leaders is to provide children with quality education in their most critical phase of growing years. To create a humble environment for students to learn better, the firm has roped-in professionals with core understanding of the curriculum. Its core team members hold an extensive experience in teaching the students of different age groups.

With the right group of people that Little Leaders has, it never falls short of creative solutions for the adequate growth and development of its children. They have also strategized a syllabus that enhances the Intellectual, Creative, Cognitive, Motor and Socio-Emotional Development in children falling under the age group of 2 years to 4+ years. The fully air-conditioned classrooms and smart boards are some of the other facilities available to add an atmosphere of excitement.

Striding Ahead with a Vision to Make a Difference
With its culturally sound environment, right values, childcentric approach, and self-paced learning mechanisms, today, Little Leaders has emerged as a distinguished name in promoting child development across India. Spearheaded by a team of IIT & IIM professionals, this play school is one of its kinds which makes sure the little ones learn without getting bored, or losing their concentration. “Our environment friendly and culturally-sound classrooms, innovative teaching methodologies, and an excellent curriculum make us stay ahead of the competitions. We have a lot to offer to each of our student - From engaging classroom activities to developing their academic skills through singing and dancing, Little Leaders goes an extra mile to create curiosity among the children to learn new things, and improve their mental alertness,” utters, Anu.

To become India’s greatest brand in the preschool sector would bean affirmation to Little Leaders’inception objectives. While the overall journey of the
firm has not been very long enough, Little Leaders has left no stone unturned to establish its name as a world-class schooling facility at an affordable price. “Our expansion pan-India is a good example of our hard work and dedication towards our work ethos. We have started with the model branch in Ghaziabad and within some time we were flooded with queries and interested partners. Given some plan of action, we had a good number of branches in the coming years at various places in India. This was a very good morale booster for us and our team which grew leaps and bounds along with us and so did the revenue and accolades. Ever since we have been recognized as a brand and have been awarded at various prestigious professional set ups like - India’s Greatest Leader 2017-18 by Asia One, process reviewers Price Water House Coopers, given to Ms. Anu Gupta, Chairperson; National Excellence Education Awards by ASSOCHAM; Best Emerging Innovative Pre School Award by Worldwide Achievers-Leading Market Research Co.;Most Innovative Preschool in Delhi/NCR at International Education Excellence Awards; Member of prestigious Pre-school Learning Alliance (U.K.); and more, ”mentions Anu Gupta.

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified institute, Little Leaders Play School has immense zeal to work hard in the business and to be a name of repute in this industry. “We believe that Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Education for life refers to the holistic development of the child. This includes inculcating lifelong values so that the child is able to lead a happy, powerful and successful life. Experiential learning forms the backbone of our learning processes in the schools. The activities incorporate the concepts in a stress free manner which caters to all the different learning styles of children. We work strategically to be the best version of ourselves. Last but not the least, the trust of parents which is the basic driving force for all our endeavors, the trust and support of our parents is hard earned and precious and that is something we can or will never compromise on,”concludes Anu Gupta, Chairperson, Little Leaders Play School.

Little Leaders Play School vests its Focus on Qualities like:

Building Confidence– Stage exposure, encouraging children to participate individually as well as in groups.

Leadership Skills – By making children captains in the class like class monitor, electricity monitor, queue monitor and giving them tasks where the child achieves success, conducting assembly with the teachers, helping teachers in the class and more.

Developing Communication Skills –By encouraging children to express freely, recitation, self-introduction, listening to the child,conducting activities which promote language development.

Logical Thinking and Decision Making –Giving choices to children where they have to choose one among many things.

Initiative Taking – Meal time activity, asking questions like who wants to distribute plates?

Emotionaland Social Competence– By using aids like role play, dramatization, celebration of birthdays, nature walks,and many more.

Physical Competence – Karate, yoga, sports day, AIDS like balancing beam and others.

Self Help Skills -We give importance to self help skills where in a child learns through daily routine practice and become independent gradually. Like washing hands,zipping, unzipping, how to carry their bag and bottle and how to take care of their belonging.