Little Chalks: Nurturing Young Minds with Love & Laughter

 Anandi Gosrani,  Founder-Director

Anandi Gosrani


In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, preschools have emerged as more than just childcare solutions for working parents. They are recognized as crucial platforms for providing early childhood education, laying the foundation for academic success, and fostering social & emotional development in children. Little Chalks stands at the forefront of early childhood education, offering a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional preschool settings. With a focus on personalized learning, caring educators, and state-of the-art facilities, Little Chalks provides a nurturing haven where children can thrive and embark on a journey of exploration and growth.

Founded in 2018 to revolutionize early childhood education, Little Chalks’ mission is simple yet profound – 'Learning with love and laughter'. At its core, Little Chalks is not just a preschool but a nurturing environment where children embark on a journey of exploration, creativity, and self-discovery. For Anandi Gosrani, Founder Director, whose extensive experience revolved around working with preschool children, establishing Little Chalks was a natural progression fueled by a deep-rooted passion for early childhood education. The inspiration behind this endeavor was to create a space where every child is cherished, nurtured, and encouraged to thrive.

Little Chalks offers a diverse range of programs tailored to meet the developmental needs of children aged 24 months and above. From play groups to nursery, junior KG to senior KG, and even daycare and after-school activities, Little Chalks caters to the holistic development of each child. What sets their programs apart is the meticulously curated curriculum, devised by seasoned academicians and early-year educators. Embracing a blended approach, Little Chalks curriculum integrates globally recognized education approaches such as multi-sensory learning, the theory of multiple intelligences, and the Reggio Emilia method from Italy to foster a well-rounded learning experience.

“By merging Indian cultural values with the best international teaching methods, we offer an education system tailored to meet the unique needs of Indian children and address parental challenges”, states Anandi. She further adds, “Field visits and academic culmination are also integral components of our program, enriching students' experiences with practi-cal insights".

Supportive, Homelike Environment

Central to Little Chalks'ethos is cultivating a supportive environment for children's social
and emotional development. The school's infrastructure reflects this commitment, with classrooms designed to mimic a warm, inviting home environment where children can explore, create, and interact freely within designated ‘establishments’. From the ‘sanchar’ establishment focusing on communication skills to ‘ankakar’ emphasizing numerical aptitude and ‘avishkar’ promoting scientific inquiry, each space is thoughtfully designed to facilitate comprehensive learning experiences.

“You won't find colorful walls adorning our classrooms. Instead, our emphasis is on using teaching materials to stimulate young minds. Wooden furniture and white walls allow learning resources to serve as the primary source of color and stimulation for children”, highlights Anandi.

Each classroom boasts 300 square feet of independent space, ensuring ample room for both structured learning and imaginative play. With air purifiers and fire-compliant measures in place, Little Chalks prioritizes students’ health and safety. Additionally, with a designated indoor play area and a large outdoor space featuring a built-in swimming pool, students can indulge in physical activity and have fun regardless of the weather conditions.

Every day is a mission for Little Chalks, ensuring that its approach is thoughtful, creative, & backed by research, ultimately fostering an environment where children can grow with love & laughter

Dedicated Facilitators & Zero-technology Policy

Little Chalks prioritizes communication and language through human interaction. With a zero-technology policy, the focus remains on fostering meaningful connections between facilitators and children. Multilingual instructions during the initial few weeks of joining further enrich the learning experience, ensuring that every child feels included and supported.

Central to Little Chalks' success with the zero technology policy is its exceptional teaching staff, comprising ECCED and B.Ed qualified educators. Anandi, with advanced teacher training credentials, leads a team dedicated to nurturing young minds with care and expertise. Continuous teacher training programs and parent information sessions foster a collaborative approach to education, where the collective well-being of the child is paramount.

Extracurricular activities further enrich the educational experience at Little Chalks, offering children opportunities for multisensory exploration and skill development. Dance, pottery, and craft sessions allow children to explore their creativity and imagination while promoting gross and fine motor skill development. Besides, karate classes help instill physical fitness, discipline, and self-defense techniques in a supportive environment.

Furthermore, Little Chalks introduces children to Sanskrit, aiming to capitalize on the linguistic aptitude of young children and paving the way for future language acquisition. Through recitations of Sanskrit shlokas, children not only learn the language but also develop an appreciation for its cultural significance. These extracurricular activities help nurture creativity, confidence, and resilience in children, preparing them for future success both academically and personally.

Recognizing the Importance of Children’s Foundation Years

Unlike franchise-run establishments, Little Chalks prides itself on its unique blend of educational approaches and personalized attention to each child's needs. Milestones such as the Global Education Awards 2022 and collaboration with the Drawing and Phonics Olympiad Foundation underscore the preschool's dedication to educational excellence. "At Little Chalks, we recognize the critical importance of the foundation years in a child's development. Every day is a mission for us, ensuring that our approach is thoughtful, creative, and backed by research, ultimately fostering an environment where children can grow with love and laughter", concludes Anandi.