Kidzonia International: A Guiding Hand that Assures Kids of Parent- Like Support

Nilofer Shaikh, Founder
Nilofer Shaikh,Founder

As kindergarten becomes more academic, parents seek out for preschool to launch their child on the path of success. At the same time, parents may worry that the current trend to focus on premath and preliteracy skills in preschool cuts into important play time and pushes a child to grow up fast. It’s a confusing issue, especially with friends and family offering different opinions and advice. Having a vast experience in the field of education the founder and chairman of Kidzonia International, Nilofer Shaikh, felt a need for a school which covers the entire development of a child rather than just focusing on the formal education and following the old conventional methods of learning. The burgeoning field of education and the existing gaps in the infrastructure lead to the establishment of Kidzonia International to convert the holistic learning, into a reality in sequence to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well-being.

Set up in niche city of Hyderabad, The Kidzonia Group was established by the Suraka Educational Society with the help of an expert Primary Education
team with a vision to create individuals who can think inquisitively and have the capability to bring a progressive change in the society. Built with a vision to emphasis on helping the children for their over all development, in mere three years, Kidzonia has expanded into three branches across the city, motivating as many as 500 students into becoming the changing face of modern education.

Kidzonia focuses on providing the right knowledge to the budding stars so that when they pass out from our school they are confident enough to face the world. Kidzonia offers various programmes including Playgroup covering the age group less than 1.5 to 2.5 year old kids enhancing listening and speaking skills through Digi classes, puppet shows Introducing letters, numbers, fruits, vegetables through flash cards and cut-outs. The programme also gives importance to Personal, Social and Emotional Development of a child through role plays. The Day Care Programme covers the age group between six to twelve year old kids including live online streaming for parents. Kidzonia also provides nutritious meals suggested by a pediatrician and special activities like colouring, puppet theatre, dance, art-n-craft, tearing and pasting puzzles and many more are conducted throughout the day to keep the kids engaged.

The initial years of life play a very crucial role in building a child’s personality. Taking note of this, the founding team of Kidzonia has designed its curriculum by
amalgamating unpretentious Indian values with the competence of Montessori methods of pre-school education. “At Kidzonia, our curriculum has been derived from the best of every program (CBSE + ICSE + Cambridge Board) as experienced instructors impart learning through ETL tools (Education, Training and Learning) to prepare young minds for their primary education. In order to provide the best to children the curriculum has been designed around the well-researched concepts of ‘Inquiry based learning’ and 3C approach (Character, Competence and Content),” Nilofer Shaikh, Founder and Chairman, Kidzonia International.

Incepted in 2014, till date Kidzonia has spread its arms with three separate branches that comprise of more than 500 students together. The ever-growing field of knowledge and the gaps in existing infrastructure inspired Nilofer Sheikh to take-up the challenge of converting her dream-of imparting holistic learning into a reality, hence, keeping up with this Kidzonia always ensures a flexible environment for children so they can learn better, thereby encouraging sustainable development. Kidzonia believes that their Style of Education, Philosophy, and Learning Programmes have contributed towards the organization’s success along with new ideas and innovations. With a positive outlook, in the years to come, Kidzonia aspires to have bigger campus and the firm aims to extend its primary school offering till fourth standard.