Ken Mentors Consulting: Assisting Businesses to Develop Organization Competencies

 Jayya Luthra,   Principal Consultant

Jayya Luthra

Principal Consultant

How do you measure if your organization culture is promoting growth and providing a challenging environment to its employees? Are your employees engaged in the business or just performing their tasks? Working closely with some client organizations from Manufacturing, Pharma, EdTech, Logistics, and more sectors gave Ken Mentors Consulting clear insights into why the organizations were unable to retain their talent which led to slow or delayed productivity vis-a-vis the plan. For eg: exit interviews were one of the greatest tools to measure internal and external branding of the organization.

Organizational Development practices are critical for any business to build their capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving and reinforcing strategies, structures and processes. It guides businesses on ways to utilize their resources for improved competence and productivity. While it is important to design strategies and processes, it is also critical to align employees to culture and improve engagement levels. Thus, investing in human resource development appropriately is a need for all businesses small or big.

Established in 2006, Ken Mentors Consulting facilitates managing the end-to-end life cycle of employees, from hiring to developing and retaining talent.In other words their main emphasis is on developing organizational competencies. Ken Mentors Consulting supports organizations, not only to help their
man power but also to improve business, productivity and performance. Located in Mumbai, India, they offer customized services pan India as per client requirements.

The firm's backbone is in its team of industry experts who collectively bring on board around 45-50 years of rich and diverse experience. This expertise has helped Ken Mentors Consulting to build a reputation it enjoys in the industry now and client testimonials back up this fact.

USP of the Firm includes Campus to Corporate, Training & Culture, developing HR practices and interventions, and Succession Planning for Mid and Junior Management. In addition, training on DE& I(Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) & PoSH is also offered to the clients. As a matter of fact, Jayya Luthra is an ICC member at organizations.

"The unique feature of Ken Mentors Consulting is that they believe in consistent follow through of the process from end to end", says Jayya Luthra, Principal Consultant of Ken Mentors Consulting. Their process oriented approach, for example, the area of Training & Culture is divided into three phases, pre-workshop, workshop, and post-workshop. After the mandate is signed off, the firm deep dives into understanding and interacting with key stakeholders the challenges faced by the client organization. After the workshops are conducted, the firm aligns on the journey to understand the impact of the learnings and co-creates a relatively new environment with the participants.

The process is rigorous and time consuming but does not hold Ken Mentors Consulting back from delivering the best to their clients. Likewise, in Campus Corporate interventions, the firm aims for a long term goal rather than a short term one. To elaborate, the firm plans the intervention with utmost attention. They conduct a thorough study on understanding client requirements and reasons for hiring from campuses to ensure seriousness of the organizations to develop and retain campus talent. Post the study, Ken Mentors Consulting initiates the organization branding and hiring activities at campuses. The relationship with the clients does not end with hiring, It Only Starts. Blending the newly hired campus recruits to the organization culture and growing the talent pipeline becomes the primary objective of Ken Mentors Consulting.

Ken Mentors Consulting are totally committed to resolving the people related challenges faced by their clients. Typically, they are approached with challenges in the domains of culture setting and employee alignment to the culture, employee engagement and development, developing career paths, and more.

Ken Mentors Consulting closely works with organizations in Pharma, Fintech, EdTech, Manufacturing, FMCG, Logistics and Consulting space to offer realworld and dynamic solutions with more hands on experience.