UnitekSoftware: OfflineSyllabus - Based Digital Solutionsfor Schools & Students Built Post R&D by a Team of Education Experts

Chitharanjan TK, Managing Director

Chitharanjan TK

Managing Director

The drastic change in education – from being a sacred service imparting value based education to an industry with curriculum objectives and relentless focus on examination targets, is palpable. The traditional notion of teaching as a vocation is now diluted by turning them to functionaries of limited routines and commercialization. Reckoning with the past, Unitek Software is a company engaged in research to develop a curriculum in India and abroad to indigenize mainstream education with quality and economical‘offline Smart Class K-12’digital products. “We believe that school is a place of worship, study room is a sanctum sanctorum and learning is devine. Our products are developed based on this policy. Internet in the study room spoils the learning as kids get tempted to visit unwanted sites and play games during their precious study time. Hence our products are offline model and that is why the major chunk of our revenue comes from individual customers,” says Chitharanjan TK, Managing Director, Unitek Software.

These world class solutions are a result of extensive research conducted by experts in the field of education, psychology, animation and engineering to provide scientific notes, visuals and verbal explanations which are developed using advanced technological tools. The company founded in1994 is a pioneer in the offline contents in India, strives hard to reach every school and every home with its high-standard digital learning tools. Fostering quality teaching as its focus, each software is equipped with a unique three phase learning system that comprises of preparation, classroom learning and revision of learned lessons as a three step process at every chapter. The multifarious questions at the end have‘trial and error’option which enables the students to practice and solve tough problems with
high accuracy and speed.“Our products are user-friendly and matched to the same order as that of the textbook in the curriculum. We offer special tools to give a wide range of practice modules of various difficulty levels to the students, such as previous years questions,twisted and indirect questions, exercises with solutions and problems curated by experts to equip the students to solve tough problems with confidence and accuracy,” asserts Chitharanjan.

With a distinct offline software‘Synchronized Learning System’(SLS)as its flagship offering, schools can be assured of uninterrupted, seamless service and substantially cut down costs on internet, infrastructure and teacher training

Innovative Approach to Accelerate Learning to Avoid Tuition, Guides, & Other Supports
The focal point of ingenious solutions evolved at Unitek is the empowerment of students to self-learn and evaluate without the distractions of misleading guides and unauthentic apps, and to provide a genuine, affordable solution in lieu of expensive tuitions. Apart from the Genius Series (K12 content for CBSE, ICSE and State boards in India), it also provides a home based Coaching Wizard for competitive Medical/ Engineering entrance exams such as NEET, JEE, AIIMS and JIPMER. Blending the expertise of educationalists (develop question papers and tests of varying difficulty levels) and Random Generation technology (generates a question paper with 180 questions in five seconds)for live tests with minus scoring, the student gets a perfect mock model of the actual exam.Thousands of different question papers can be generated for live tests with live scores.“Our multidimensional products are thorough and cater to varied requirements. With solved question banks and easy short cuts to solve lengthy problems, the software act as a booster to build the confidence of students.
We also offer Spoken English and grammar that is mapped to the curriculum as an exclusive product to our clients,” states Chitharanjan.

With a distinct offline software ‘Synchronized Learning System’(SLS) as its flagship offering, schools can be assured of uninterrupted, seamless service and substantially cut down costs on internet, infrastructure and teacher training. This software can either be bought by schools to set up smart classes with the proposed content by Unitek or is customizable according to requirements (teachers can suggest ideas, content or even animations) and branded with the name and logo of the school.“Our Smart Class is a medium for students to revise the chapters repeatedly for sound understanding and teachers to pre-plan their classes and prepare notes in advance. It is extremely economical as schools don’t need internet, servers, networking or resource coordinators to provide quality education. With 90 percent of our existing customers coming back to us each year, we have a strong and regular client base,” affirms Chitharanjan.

International Presence
An important aspect when catering to clients across the globe is customer management and support. By facilitating demos to its clients through Skype, Unitek ensures customer satisfaction and understanding of the product. Recognizing the need of quality education in Africa, Unitek’s contents are mapped to syllabus and installed on solar powered computers to reach the remote villages. This way, the company constantly strives to come up with clever solutions to make learning better, faster, effective and enjoyable. By segregating its marketing task force for India and abroad, and with in house R&D to improvise the products to international standards, the company strives to broaden its horizons with quality teaching products.“Our dealers are offered lasting business opportunity with attractive profit margin and incentives. We plan to reach two million new customers in the next two years by appointing 500 dealers in tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India and expand our market in Middle East, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya and other Eastern African countries" concludes Chitharanjan.