Code & Pixels Interactive Technologies: Being an Essential Presence in e-Learning through Digital Teacher

Gopi Krishna,CEO & Managing Director

Gopi Krishna

CEO & Managing Director

No proper care on individual differences, visualizing ability and the pace of learning would leave behind any student and make him feel neglected in schools. Even though digital solutions help in the predicament, either the old Pentium PCs used in the schools (mostly in the sticks) don’t support the high-end software or the affordability comes as a hurdle. A Hyderabad-based technology firm Code & Pixels Interactive Technologies (ISO 9001:2015 certified& NASSCOM member) comes with a panacea to this hassle through its e-learning platform –‘Digital Teacher’. The platform is developed using extremely advanced compression & encryption techniques, which can be installed in any normal system. In other words, no school needs to scrap their ‘heritage’ computers.

Recognizing the Needs
Kick-started its operations in 2012, Code & Pixels (C&P) silently carved a niche for itself as a specialist company that goes beyond providing highly engaging, interactive & customized CBT solutions and Simulation & Training Solutions to include Content Engineering, Consultancy and IT
Services. In 2014, when class X state syllabus was changed completely, C&P rose to the occasion and developed the training content for class X within four months with extreme dedication – 150 developers & 25 subject experts working round the clock in three shifts. Result? The company delivered its research-driven product – Digital Teacher, well before the schools reopened! A culmination of years of research in learning theories, pedagogy and ICT, the content is crafted to enhance academic excellence in teachers and to keep the students engaged. The outcome of technology, experience, knowledge and subject matter expert and developed as per the new syllabus makes it one of the most effective digital class room solutions.

Although the experts in the field had reviewed & vetted the product, C&P collected written feedbacks from the schools and persistently updated the product as per their needs

There has been no turning back then. Although the experts in the field had reviewed & vetted the product, C&P collected written feedbacks from the schools and persistently updated the product as per their needs. With flourishing positive feedbacks, Digital Teacher was sold to 3000 schools in 2014-15, which gave C&P the confidence to develop content for
KG to10th standard of state syllabus and 6th to 10th standard of CBSE syllabus.

“We take pride in saying that we are the only company that developed 2000 hours long content (for KG to 10th standard) in 365 days, an all-time record in the e-Learning industry,” proclaims Gopi Krishna, CEO & MD, C&P. Today, 5000+ private and corporate schools across the state leverage Digital Teacher as their digital training aid, question paper generator and school management system. “While other K-12 content providers stick on to CBSE syllabus, Digital Teacher perfectly matches with the state board syllabus, which is a unique selling point of our product,” adjoins Gopi.

Introducing the Future
With a 24x7 help desk comprised of eight executives, C&P is a customer-centric organization that promises to clear all the grievances within 24 hours. In addition, the client schools are managed by 80 sales executives, 20 client relations managers, and three zonal managers. “We make sure that our representatives visit the client schools once in a week, and the client relationship manager visits them once in a month to ensure that they leverage the best & futuristic technologies available in the market,”proclaims Gopi.

Along with introducing Language Labs to schools, C&P plans huge for the next academic year by equipping its platforms & software with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality technologies. On the flip side, the company also anticipates a geographical expansion to metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta, without much delay.