Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours: Travel Experts Crafting Master Class Education Tours

Sanjeeiv R. Joshi,OwnerEducation today is gradually transitioning from amassing theoretical intelligentsia to knowledge creation though experiential transformation. Thus, modern educators today are more curious in conducting outbound expos where the young minds can actuate comprehensive ideas at a macro environment, rather than cramming lessons at a confined classroom settings. One such new study-art is educational tours, where Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours are gallantly offering them to the niche space in the industry since 2002 to create a lasting tour-experience for the students. Sanjeeiv Joshi, Director, Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours, avers, "We galvanize ourselves to make each trip a special one with a stern motto to `touch, move and inspire' students in exploring national & global shores".

Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours are catering to this recession-free tour-ism business for more than a decade. It proffers well-planned itineraries in terms of safe stay and best trained staff, and has tight contingency plans to leverage any critical situations. No wonder it is praised for its standard services that served 20,000+ students from various education institutions, and for being placed among the fastest growing tour operators in Mumbai and a front-runner as an educational trip provider.

Rahul Bohra, Marketing Head, Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours, proudly asserts, "We have been organizing US & NASA tour since 2012. Today we are one of the preferred tour operators for US, South America & Canada in tier-I cities across India". It operates international tours (at Europe, South Asia & others) alongside also offers one-day, educational field trips, short trips, picnics for
esteemed educational institutes and college industrial visits. The short visits are generally conducted around Maharashtra, backed by themed activities as per institutional requirements, like nature walks, visit to fast-food chain kitchens, bird watch, rural development and more.

Poising As Travel Experts
"We operate quite differently from our competitors in the market," says Sanjeeiv. Children traveling beyond the shores happen to be a veritable concern to the parents about the child safety. Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours carefully itemizes the tour plans with complete consent of the educational authorities. After the plans are finalized, the ground team having local knowledge at foreign shores ensures world-class amenities from laundry to hygienic food provisions, star hotel stays, ample relaxing time and top notch transport facility. Acting as expat travel experts, it has solutions for air/railway booking and a professional team of dedicated tour managers, having adept knowledge of hotels, & destinations to customize itineraries as per the clients' needs.

Rahul Bohra, Marketing Head

It has a bouquet of safety measures like 24/7 professional escort, on call doctor facility, 24/7 first aid kit and more along with plenty of insurance options for the teachers and the students. For each trip, every batch of 15 students is assisted by one teacher who keeps adequate supply of items like water, food, regular snacks and others for the student's well-being. Ensuring the travel memories are not compromised, every trip is accompanied by a travelling photographer to capture the moments. To maximize learning and exposure, each tour is aided with a tour guide having thorough knowledge about the places.

We galvanize ourselves to make each trip a special one with a stern motto to `touch, move and inspire' students in exploring national & global shores

"Our team at Jalsa Holidays & Joshi Tours always strives for excellency & transparency in service. We collect constructive feedbacks from schools after every trip to update our services," says Rahul. The company has started digitizing its products, adding travel locations to its folio and appointing more ground staff to tailor seamless services in expanding the travel market.