Jacobs University: One of the Finest German Higher Education Destinations

Prof. Thomas Auf der Heyde,PhDGerman higher education institutions are widely known for offering excellent, job-oriented education. Jacobs University is one such pioneering German higher education institution that successfully combines the qualities of a broad liberal arts education with the demands of science-based instruction. The institute harmoniously embeds a culturally diverse campus community into the suburban landscape of Bremen in northern Germany and aims to establish strong collaborations with public and private partners. Jacobs University helps students from all over the world to develop the personal and professional skills to become actors of change in science, business and society.

This holistic approach distinguishes Jacobs University as a unique and future-oriented institution. While the COVID-19 pandemic created challenges for all educational institutions around the globe, Jacobs University was able to provide all graduating students with the opportunity to take qualified and recognized exams, which they conducted online in order to complete their studies. Through these measures, Jacobs University has completed the academic year 2019/2020 in time. In June 2020, the end of the academic year was celebrated with the first virtual graduation ceremony in the University's history.

Empowering Students through Top-Notch Higher Education
Students at Jacobs University benefit from the highest academic standards. They gain an interdisciplinary education in which faculty members mentor students personally and include them in research projects early on. Jacobs University offers bachelor programs, master's programs, doctoral programs and a preparatory program. From the first semester onwards, students are involved in their professors' research projects.

Jacobs University continuously receives top rankings in some of the most important national and global university rankings for several years. The University not only distinguishes itself with its excellent study subjects, but also in terms of teaching, research, student support and the international outlook. In the World University Ranking 2021 of the British magazine "Times Higher Education" (THE), Jacobs University was placed among the 300 best universities worldwide. In terms of international orientation, it is first among German universities. Apart from offering excellent academic training, the University wants to shape its students into world citizens who are in a position to take leading and responsible roles for the sustainable and peaceful development of mankind.
Jacobs University is fully committed to academic excellence and innovation in research and teaching combined with an excellent environment for learning, living and working. The University's innovative research centers offer the ideal setting to lead cutting-edge projects with global relevance. Students are actively involved in research with early access to the laboratory courses and finding the encouragement to ask difficult questions and dive into interdisciplinary work. Partnerships with more than 1,000 renowned institutes and companies worldwide build connections far beyond geographical and professional boundaries for the University. Jacobs University has state of the art research labs including a Computational Lab for Analysis, Modelling and Visualization titled CLAMV, Ocean Lab, and Natural Sciences Labs as well as a Behavioural & Social Sciences Laboratory.

Catering to students across the globe
As a private, non-profit, English-speaking university, Jacobs University attracts very talented and open-minded students from all over the world. On Germany's most international campus, they become citizens of the world, able to take responsibility for a sustainable and peaceful future of humanity. About 1,500 students from more than 120 countries live, learn and do research at Jacobs University. The University is a melting pot of culture, ideas and viewpoints, providing an experience that uncovers new passions and broadens perspectives. Jacobs University is dedicated to creating a safe and attractive learning environment where everyone receives the support services they need to perform at their best. From counseling and intercultural services, job and career services, German language courses, club activities to campus life offerings students have ample resources to grow and thrive at Jacobs University.

Jacobs University continuously receives top rankings in some of the most important national and global university rankings for several years.

Adding about the unique development opportunities offered at the University and the plans that they have laid for the road ahead, Prof. Thomas Auf der Heyde PhD, Provost at Jacobs University, says, "Our graduates are highly qualified and have excellent social skills. The diversity encountered during their time at Jacobs University prepares them to participate in diverse cultures and global industries. Our graduates go on to have successful careers in business, science and society. They possess the knowledge and experience today's employers seek. At Jacobs University we are dedicated to make our campus and its colleges a comfortable and exciting `home away from home': a place to live, to learn, to personally grow and to have fun." Jacobs University not only offers an excellent academic education but also many opportunities for student activities outside of the classroom.

When looking at the future, Provost Auf der Heyde announced, that in 2021the University will start a new, innovative master program: `Data Science for Society and Business'. The 2-year MSc program is a highly selective program for students of social sciences and businesses aiming to become data science experts. The program may also be interesting for students from natural sciences, or humanities aiming to expand into big data analytics, data-driven and computational social science. All these coupled with their focus on student employability allows Jacobs University to ensure that their graduates are best prepared for quickly growing, and adapting to changing scenarios as well as being a global professional of the future.

Prof. Thomas Auf der Heyde PhD,
Provost and Member of the Executive Board, Jacobs University: Born in South Africa in 1958, Prof. Auf der Heyde has the South African and German citizenship. After completing his PhD in chemistry in 1988, he held various teaching, research and management positions at the universities of the Western Cape, Cape Town, Bern, Cambridge, Princeton and Johannesburg over a period of 25 years. As Deputy Director General of the South African Department of Science and Technology, he headed international scientific cooperation in South Africa and was responsible for strategies and initiatives in areas such as marine and polar research, astronomy, infrastructure, high performance computing and e-science. In November 2019, Prof. Thomas Auf der Heyde, PhD, took up his post as Provost and thus as Head of Academic Operations at Jacobs University Bremen. In 2020, he was appointed member of the Executive Board.