Hummingbird-­ The Happy School: Teaching Beyond Academics

 Pavani Girish, Director - Academics & Child Development

Pavani Girish

Director - Academics & Child Development

The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out”, said Bill Gates, perfectly depicting the importance of early childhood education in today’s times. 90 percent of the brain development happens during the age of 0-5 years, during which a child easily grasps the things that it hears, sees, and feels. Thus, preschools are gaining widespread prominence in recent times. As per a recent study by Research And Markets, the Indian preschools market is expected to grow by $957.86 million during 2022-26, growing at a CAGR of 9.57 percent during the forecast period. While there are thousands of preschools across India, very few of them have the niche skills required to make learning more effective for kids during their early childhood period.

Hummingbird – The Happy School is one such preschool that is offering effecting learning pedagogy to kids. Founded in 2014, Hummingbird was incepted with a vision to create a stimulating learning environment for the children, where their curiosity can be nurtured as a major aspect of their learning process. The institute believes this very nature of kids, if guided clearly, become the very essence of effective learning and soft skills development.

“Hummingbird is envisioned to be a place where strong & independent women join hands to create value and help each other achieve respective goals. Hummingbird plays a key role by supporting young mothers looking to go back to active careers after a gap, operating the daycare for longer periods from 7.30 am to 9.30 pm in addition to giving them a happy place to leave the child to grow and learn”, says Pavani Girish, Director - Academics & Child Development,
Hummingbird. "All our team members are women, and all our external partner businesses are run by women, thus Hummingbird operates as an ecosystem for these strong and independent women to come together and support other," further adds Pavani.

As a process driven institution, Hummingbird treats the teaching process of children as more of a “Learning & Development’ program comprising of three major components Academics, Physical Development, and Soft Skills Development. Enabling children get through formal schooling & education with ease, it has framed an effective curriculum and uses activities, presentations, and interactive sessions to help them understand the topics better. Keeping the children’s physical development in mind, teachers keep a vigil on kids’ food, water & nutrition intake, and their physical activities. Also, communication skills development of kids is given prime importance by making them give presentations and having frequent interactions with them.

We bring the best of pre-schooling with a carefully researched & adopted curriculum in a safe environment

“Children are at their best when they are happy. Integrating fun, play, and learning, we help the child grow into a happy and confident child. We bring the best of pre-schooling with a carefully researched and adopted curriculum in a safe environment. A strong beginning to a child’s education is very important, and we help them grow strong in every aspect of their lives, thus resulting in uninterrupted learning and stronger soft skills”, Pavani further explains.

Keeping-up with the latest technologies & trends in the industry, Hummingbird regularly consults with subject matter experts, teachers, and parents to ensure that its teaching standards are always top class. Also, keeping in mind the adverse effects of Covid crisis on kids, the institution has even customized its curriculum to suit every kid’s mindset and capabilities. Additionally, it offers free education to two deserving but economically poor students every year, and the best performing student every year receives a merit scholarship wherein 80 percent of their annual fees is waived off. Owing to such outstanding practices, the institution has been conferred the Emerging Preschool Award (North Bangalore)by Bonton and Lofty at the Global Performers Awards - India 2019.