Hello Kids: Nurturing Young Minds & Inspiring Lifelong Learning

Pritam Kumar, Founder &, Sunita Jain, CEO

Pritam Kumar, Founder &

Sunita Jain, CEO

The market for childcare and preschool is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 21.5 percent between 2022 and 2027. The rise in parent awareness of the importance of early childhood education and care, along with an increase in the number of nuclear families and working women in the nation, are the main drivers of the preschool/childcare market's expansion. With this, creating a quality learning environment with more personalization has become imperative today. Hence, offering an intuitive learning ecosystem to make kids future-ready is the need of the hour.

In 2005, Pritam Kumar founded Hello Kids to create India's first 'NO-Royalty' based chain of preschools. Hello Kids was founded to give young children a better platform for receiving quality and affordable education on par with the top brands. Hello Kids is a place where kids can grow and develop through a unique approach towards reading, listening, and playing. In Hello Kids, the focus has been on taking kids from dependency to independence from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication, and from self-absorption to developing social awareness. The preschool chain thinks that by providing children with entertainment, they can be educated. Hello Kids resembles a child's paradise more than it does a preschool.

As a 'No Royalty' franchise model with a small fee paid only once every two years, Hello Kids focuses on strengthening the brand through marketing and other research and development initiatives. Not only do Hello Kids believe in working together, but they also give their franchisees the proper guidance and support in every way. Hello kids, entrust that guidance is necessary for a better result. Their 24/7 support system
ensures that they are always available for the franchise partner for any query regarding material, training, and marketing. Hello Kids provides the best Montessori, Play Way, and Gurukul educational methods for children aged 1 to 5 years old.

Hello Kids is committed to helping parents raise well-rounded kids who can use their five senses to enjoy, explore, and learn new things

Hello Kids, which offers a great business idea at a low investment, has experienced tremendous success. Hello Kids offers its franchisees support and training. The brand places a strong emphasis on the methodology that must be used in instruction. Hello Kids has always valued consistency and growth achieved through teamwork. It is the first preschool chain in India to have an online community where all of its franchisees can communicate and exchange ideas. In addition to offering online support, Hello Kids also hosts an annual franchise meeting where all questions are answered and fresh concepts for a more intelligent growth model are discussed.

From humble beginnings as one preschool in Bangalore, Hello Kids has grown to 760+ preschools across India and Bangladesh, and currently into 7 k12 schools, Riverstone Schools, Extensive quarterly training, business and teachers training. Hello Kids is committed to helping parents raise well-rounded kids who can use their five senses to enjoy, explore, and learn new things.

"Currently, Hello kids are catering to over 18000+ students, and the technology, which we started using at the beginning of 2019, helped us adapt to a pandemic much more quickly and benefited all stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and children. However, we helped during the pandemic, and it is assisting us and will be a very significant growth driver for us. Our brand is rapidly growing, and we aim to operate 1000+ centres by December 2025", concludes Sunita Jain, CEO of Hello Kids.