Gurukul Vidya Mandira Pre-School: Offering High Quality Early Education that Focuses on a Child’s Holistic Development

 Pushpalatha R.,  Principal

Pushpalatha R.


P reschools are indeed a crucial component of the educational system because children develop the fundamental cognitive, physical, social, and social skills that set them up for success in life and in school throughout their first four years of development. Preschools are divided into full day care and after school care divisions and may be run in either a private or a public setting. Today, India is experiencing a reinvented nature of new preschools, established by graduates of highly esteemed universities and B-schools. Many preschools now are also distinguishing themselves by laying out elaborate blueprints of how they make your child ready for success in their life.

Teaching children foundational skills through interesting and engaging activities that fine tune their motor skills, and cognitive abilities, invoke curiosity and build social skills, preschools are quickly becoming a defining factor in a child’s future success. Gurukul Vidya Mandira Pre-School, established in 2019, and based in Bangalore, is an innovative preschool that focuses highly on the quality of education being provided to young children. Transforming the early education system by taking a step beyond the traditional music and reality-based preschool classes, Gurukul is concentrating on the holistic development of children through classes that are actually relevant.

A Range of Offerings
“A Good preschool program ensures setting comprehensive learning objectives and having a structured way to achieve these goals in the child considering that every child is special, different, and an individual in his/her own right. A quality preschool program revolves around the child”, states Pushpalatha R. The school was established with the vision to highlight the importance of quality education.

Years of research have concluded that most of the rapid brain development happens in a child’s early years.Up to 75 percent of the neural connectivity takes place by the time a child reaches the age of 7 years old, and if the quality of stimulation provided during this time is low, the later development of the child will be seriously affected. Gurukul Vidya Mandira aims to equip every child in this age group with the right educational tools to tap into the vast potential of their brain. The school’s philosophy is to be completely child centric, focusing on the curriculum and teaching methodology, offering the right tools to every child by understanding their uniqueness, through educated teachers who are not only knowledgeable but also hold the right attitude and skills needed to educate such young children.

In a nurturing and play based environment, our curriculum builds children's self esteem and problem solving skills, while fostering respect for themselves and others

The school’s curriculum, inspired by Montessori education, has been carefully curated keeping in mind the ultimate learning objectives of the course materials. “We inspire curiosity, independence, and a life long love of learning to help our children become contributing members of our community and the world. In a nurturing and play based environment, our curriculum builds children's self esteem and problem solving skills, while fostering respect for themselves and others”, further adds Pushpalatha R.

A Notch Ahead
In addition to the unique curriculum offered by Gurukul Vidya Mandira, which is child centric and focuses on every aspect of development, the school also stands out from its competition because of the extra-curricular activities it offers. Children are engaged in a wide variety of extracurricular, including Painting, Arts, Dance, Music, Yoga, Shlokas, Mudras, Bhajans, Cutting, Sieving, and Gardening. The school focuses highly on developing a child’s social awareness and social skills by encouraging them to approach other students and ask for help as needed. There are perhaps only a handful of schools throughout the country which lay such emphasis on a child’s social development. Unsurprisingly, Gurukul Vidra Mandria is quickly becoming a highly sought after school by families in Bangalore.