Gradeway Prep: Kickstarting the Journey of Pursuing Overseas Education

Wajendra. T,Head - Academics

Wajendra. T

Head - Academics

Every year, millions of students in India aspire to pursue international education that opens the doors towards global opportunities, lucrative job offers, and holistic growth that enables them to excel in this hyper-competitive world. In order to take the first step towards overseas education, aspirants are required to crack standard international examinations of their specific fields. This could be IELTS or TOEFL for English language competency, GRE to get into MS, and similarly, GMAT for those pursuing higher education in Management.

When it comes to preparing students for international level exams, Bangalore-based Gradeway Prep is one of the best e-learning portals out there that prepares students with personalized tutoring for GRE, GMAT, IELTS & SAT. The online platform comes with a powerful combination of eminent experts hailing from a diverse background in the overseas education domain that includes IT Researchers and Academicians who have hands-on experience in their respective fields. The personal trainers at Gradeway Prep bring in a unique learning experience through live classes that handholds its students through every section of the competitive exams, enabling them to get a higher score. Each expert carries an
immense dedication towards education and research visible through their remarkable journey of more than 20 years of guiding students in large educational institutions in leadership positions. Together, Gradeway experts have formulated effective strategies and tools to crack the exams that are necessary to clear to pursue courses in India or abroad.

In addition, students enrolled at Gradeway Prep get the much-needed flexibility in today’s Post-pandemic world with the ability to choose between a desktop or a mobile phone to take part in the online courses. Along with that, a complete simulation of the actual exam for better understanding coupled with customizable lessons wherein aspirants have a flexible study plan and up-to-date study materials ensure that they are always on the right path to achieve their overseas education dreams.

“We are committed to help students excel in their preparation through best online coaching. We not only teach students topics, strategies, and subjects but also prepare them in a way that gives them the ability to tackle the exam in the smartest way” - Wajendra. T, Head - Academics, Gradeway Prep.

Gradeway Prep’s online courses are filled with engaging tutorials, hints, study material, recorded lectures, Learning Resources

To ensure that every learner gets the best international admits, Gradeway Prep’s online courses are filled with engaging tutorials, hints, study material, recorded lectures, Learning Resources & much more. The portal’s rigorous training help students nurture their interest and build confidence which inevitably drives them to achieve the most favourable outcome. Most importantly, whether the aspirants want to learn via Live online courses or through self-preparation video courses, every format has been designed for aspirants to crack the exams with the learning mode of their choice at ease.

Over the years, Gradeway Prep has built strong collaborations with some of the world’s most prominent educational institutes to provide courses that address the unique needs of individuals & companies by providing training & coaching to help them land in their dream roles. “Our Online Learning Resource Center has tips, tricks and inspiring stories to help students learn while staying home during these pandemic conditions” concludes Wajendra.