Garodia's Academy -A Preschool: Enhancing Children in a Play Way Manner via Suitable Curriculum & Parent Involvement

Nishant Garodia,DirectorThe video of a 3-year-old girl being yelled at by her mother for learning numbers went viral, making the whole country express horror. The blame game between the parents and teachers continues; the former says there’s so much pressure of learning while the latter claims that the parents are keen to make their child learn more and fast. “This is not the type of learning a child should be exposed to,” expressing concern for the little girl is Nishant Garodia, Director, Garodia’s Academy – A Preschool that clearly comprehends the importance of these crucial formative years, owing to its 48 years of successful existence.

Building a Robust Edifice
“Clearly, the blame game is suggestive of the much weight age that is given by parents and/or schools on what is being taught rather than how it is imparted. At Garodia’s Academy, a well researched, updated and age appropriate curriculum is followed, keeping in mind the child’s needs, comfort and pace,” he adds. The preschool pioneered ‘Play Way’ methodology to boost up the children’s willingness to learn stories, rhymes and games.

Academy’s backbone is its robust
curriculum, which integrates social
adaptability and hones the children’s cognitive skills in a playful manner. The preschool not only inculcates reading habits & accelerates speech
fluency through its stockpiled Library, enabling kids to read fluently by the end of Sr. KG., but also emphasizes on non-scholastic areas to boost their thinking skills and cultural development via a centralized Learning Lab. Amalgamating the appropriate student-teacher ratio and unique theme based curriculum, the institution brings alive an intensive academic program, which is regularly revised to make desirable improvements and bring out the children’s true potential. Under the supervision of trained and caring teachers, the children explore their areas of interests in a safe & stimulating environment and learn to be self disciplined & independent.

Garodia’s Academy earns parents’ trust with its professionally-run Individual Child Programme (ICP), an initiative that helps provide special attention to kids needing extra academic support

Its Play Way philosophy provides a wide platform for the kids to explore their senses that makes learning fun and exciting. Co-curricular activities like yoga & meditation, gymnastics, music and dance as well as regular field visits and theme based events are
given much importance to enhance their overall personality through hands-on practical experiences. Camera surveillance at campus & transportation, and child-friendly infrastructure & amenities add on to the children’s safety.

Nurturing the Parent-Child Bond
Garodia’s Academy earns parents’ trust with its professionally-run Individual Child Programme (ICP), an initiative that helps provide special attention to kids needing extra academic support. Parents’ concerns regarding their child’s academics & behavioural issues are resolved through engaging with the class teachers, school counsellor & the preschool head, and regular follow-ups are done on the same with all the members involved. Parent involvement is vital in their child’s learning process. Garodia’s open door policy and team oriented management welcomes and appreciates parent’s participation in various activities & events that nurtures the relationship between the two.

Imparting quality education with child-centric vision, Garodia’s Academy has enriched its recently renovated floor with innovative facilities like audio visual aided rooms that provide improved learning environment for the children, hence fostering kids to grow with innovative minds and corporeal strength. “Learning cannot be forced into their minds; it can just be made fascinating through activities they are keen to know about. Childhood is a beautiful journey to enjoy, not a race to compete at every step,” concludes Nishant.