Future App: Redefining Education through the Power of Technology

Arvind Rajpurohit,   Co-FounderA very innovative platform in the edtech industry, Future App provides a seamless experience to teachers, students, and parent using their services. This is not just another app where teachers can simply conduct classes but is like a mini-school, where children and students can conduct classes, give exams, and even submit homework assignments. What makes it even better is that parents can also easily use this app to submit school fees, as well as keep track of their child’s classes and progress. This all-in-one solution is perhaps one of the best examples of adversity bringing opportunity.

As Covid imposed lockdowns took over the world in 2020, schools got shutdown as well. It resulted in the sudden shift from physical to digital form of teaching which inspired a lot of innovation. Future App was born with the same agenda. Providing a complete schooling experience digitally was the result of months of research and innovation.

The idea to create a digital experience so immersive that the entire schooling process can take place through an app was inspired by recognizing the market demand as well as the gap in the present technology. While some platforms did offer similar services, their high costs made them unaffordable for low to mid-range schools in India. Future App took care of all of these issues.

Structure and Aim
Future App was created after a year of intensive research, trial, error and improvement. It is a product of labor, put in for the fullfilment of one simple goal accessible education to all. As covid imposed lockdown put a halt on operations, a lot of schools that fall within the purview of
low to mid-range schools, had to completely stop functions as they were unable to afford expensive platforms.

The idea that the simple lack of affordability was hindering education, seemed unacceptable to the creators of Future App, Arvind and Dinesh. They set out on the mission to resolve this issue, by understanding the needs of schools and designing an affordable digital platform which would cater to every basic need of the schools and also be simple enough to be used by even the most in experienced individuals.

Our System is very cost effective and provides all the needed features in the way that the school staff and parents can understand without any training

“Our System is very cost effective and provides all the needed features in the way that the school staff and parents can understand without any training. Our system is also fully realtime and cloud based, that parents or any system user can access it from anywhere or can use it on any device like mobile, tab or laptop. We launch separate application for each school with their name and logo that school can use it as a marketing catalyst”, says Arvind.

Dinesh, Co-Founder
Past, Present and Future
Since its inception in May 2021, Future App has successfully onboarded over 250+ schools pan-India. This has been possible due to their dedicated efforts to provide complete solutions to schools and parents so that they do not need to manage multiple platforms for carrying out different tasks. By partnering with some major players like Zoom, Future App successfully created an app where schools can conduct classes, upload attendance, assign and check homework, conduct online exams, and even collect school fees. This step was guided by the simple idea that no matter what, education should not suffer. The app connects schools and parents top promote complete transparency of their child’s education.

With such a clear, unique and helpful approach, Future App is set to make its mark as one of the top edtech platforms catering to low and mid range schools. They further plan on introducing e-learning capabilities into their platform.