FortunaPIX: Hosting a Paradigm Shift in the Way Technology is Employed in Education

TC Ashok,CEO

TC Ashok, CEO

Despite the increasingly widespread adoption of technologies in K-12 education, adequate use of technology in classroom is still a slow-turning gear in the great machine of time. Most of the providers fail to customize solutions with clear pedagogical intentions gratifying the education's requirements, which impede effective implementation. Solving this problem with agile, custom & localized solutions befitting specific regions and their school ecosystems is FortunaPIX, whose bee-in-the-bonnet is to transform the way technology is utilized in education, and empower students to become creators & contributors to the learning process.

After doing intrinsic research to understand student’s learning cycle, FortunaPIX builds solutions on a robust instructional framework, which encapsulates the visual, verbal & kinesthetic learning modalities to design immersive digital content. Every solution from digital textbooks to performance apps is knitted together with a holistic prescriptive learning path for specific age group and the assets are aligned based on the topic’s complexity level.

Developed with optimal tech features that doesn’t cloud the
pedagogical flow, the solutions are offered only after being endorsed by the respective boards, schools & teachers. This enables FortunaPIX to develop global boutique solutions intended for a specific purpose. “With students as its core, teacher enablement, teaching enhancement & performance improvement are woven around it. The solutions are designed to be an ecosystem for learning – a natural extension to the student’s learning process and not as an externality,” adds TC Ashok, CEO, FortunaPIX, who has been instrumental in launching innovative products for the company.

"FortunaPIX builds solutions on a robust instructional framework which encapsulates the visual, verbal & kinesthetic learning modalities to design immersive digital content"

This cost-effective solution provider solidifies its solutions with analytics to make them better with constant re-engineering. Furthermore, besides using AI & ML to gather & analyze large sets of data to constantly improve solutions & their intuitiveness, the company utilizes cutting-edge platforms like Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Unity 3D and more for 3D stereoscopic digital content development. This coupled with intensely embedded features like content sharing & gamification foster peer learning and healthy contestant, thus ensures overall improvement in upshots. Endeavoring to take technology to chock-full, the company is exhibiting AR & VR based solution early this year for the forthcoming school season.

Encompassing Learning Cycle
FortunaPIX offers digital solutions for global education right from the
curriculum, assessment, delivery to analytics, and covers the intact spectrum of student’s learning cycle with whimsical learning, transformative technology & teacher support. While their ‘in-classroom’ solution LernBag is the first ever repository of over 25,000+ digital learning objects aimed at impacting science & math education globally, LernBook, is a holistic digital interactive textbook solution focused at revolutionizing classroom teaching & learning experiences. Both solutions focus on improving learning outcomes within the classroom environment.

Similarly, their ‘after-class’ solutions LernWise, is a self-paced, intuitive, gamified learning app that offers a fun-filled and enriched learning experience, and LernPrep, is a performance improvement app with an intuitive & easy interface that focuses on helping students ace their board exams. Ensuring higher adoption rates, FortunaPIX offers holistic solutions that include training to develop local trainers from within the institutions or governments through its on-ground training teams. Thanks to their perpetual features, these products/solutions are profoundly applauded by its customers that include ministries of education, major publishers, online distributors, schools, NGOs, and hardware providers.

Thanks to its multi-product portfolio, this 2012-established company is witnessing a colossal growth and plans to expand its wings across geographies, including India. FortunaPIX, which has the propinquity in nine countries, intends to make it 15 countries in the next 24 months.