Footprint Montessori: Offering Individualised Teaching for Children's Holistic Development

Shivamala Narasappa,Founder & Principal
Shivamala Narasappa,Founder& Principal

Parenting is a big challenge for all parents, even if they read up a lot or feel they know enough. From children’s healthcare and diet needs to their academics, there would be‘n’ varieties of issues popping up in a parent’s day-to-day life. In today’s fast paced world, where the number of nuclear families is on rise, parents need an expert assistance to look after their beloved little ones and prepare them for pursuing a bright future. Established with a strong aspiration to provide the best early childhood education, which is crucial for the development of a child, Footprint Montessori helps the parents to overcome their daily challenges with globally acclaimed Montessori Philosophy.

Footprint Montessori is a dream venture of couple Shivamala Narasappa and Gangadhar N Math and offers authentic Montessori education in Central Business District of Bengaluru. All educators including the principal at the institution are well trained in Montessori and Child Psychology. Principal Shivamala Narasappa has trained in the USA and has a Diploma in Montessori education from AMI(Association Montessori Internationale)along with a Masters in Education(M.Ed.)degree from Loyola College in Maryland(USA).
Under her guidance, Footprint Montessori encourages children to collaborate together on ideas and enables them to learn through his/her own activity in peaceful and orderly surroundings, adapted to the child’s size and interests. Following the scientific Montessori learning method, institution treats the children as they really are and creates environments, which foster the fulfilment of their highest potential in all areas–intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Carefully Nurturing the Little Minds for Future
Footprint Montessori offers three major services - Toddler Programme, Pre-Primary Programme and Enrichment Activities. Under Toddler Programme, they accept 16 months(1yr 4m) and above old children for a 2-hour session from Monday to Friday. Toddlers are given an hour to spend on activities like exercises, vocabulary enrichment, puzzles, painting and music. There will be a snack break, followed by a story reading session. Through this holistic learning approach, the child emerges as a confident member ready to move on to the next stage the Pre-Primary environment.

Footprint Montessori's flagship programme, PrePrimary Programme consists of mixed age group class -rooms from 2.5 to 6.5 years’ old children. Centre’s Montessori trainers and experienced teachers guide children through a variety of Montessori activities which enhance their language, foundation for math, geography,science and environment studies, internal self discipline and enable development
of holistic cognitive skills. Footprint Montessori’s final service, that is Enrichment Activities, adhere to the philosophy and theory of Montessori through which the centre tries to impart quality education to children based on observations and experience with children from different age groups. Shivamala Narasappa, Founder and Principal of Footprint Montessori speaks, “We provide individual, one-on one, self-paced education. We focus on giving a strong foundation in skills such a writing, math, reading, science, creative arts and music. For children above four years, drama has been introduced too. Thus, we focus on exclusivity and not volumes. So, with limited enrolment, we have been able to achieve high standards of education. Aesthetically designed infrastructure, experienced and certified Montessori trainers and low student-teacher ratio are the USP of Footprint Montessori.”

Started with just five enrolments, Footprint Montessori has grown or ganically and quite steadily over the years. Recalling their remarkable journey, Shivamala says, “Today, we possess the record of educating 500 plus children with more than 10 years of experience. We were required to advertise our brand only for initial two years; later on, we managed to have filled classrooms with mere word of mouth, which is a clear manifestation of our centre's superior education and the first-class personalised care. For future also, Footprint Montessori aims to continue excellence in education. At the same time, we will try to increase the capacity at the pre-primary level without compromising the level of quality and excellence.”