Eleevate Overseas: Guiding Students at All Level to Fulfill their Aspirations of International Education

Mahesh Parmar, Founder & CEO,Darshan S. Padia, Co-Founder

Mahesh Parmar, Founder & CEO

Darshan S. Padia, Co-Founder

Getting a foreign education is an aspiration that many students have nowadays. Not only the students, their parents too are equally enthusiastic about sending their kids abroad to study, so that they get global exposure and can become independent enough to handle their lives single-handedly. Also, one major reason why Overseas Education has become very popular nowadays is owing to the high level of competition in the job market. Significantly, overseas education consultants are an important source of information as well as advice for making the decision of going abroad to pursue higher studies, which is itself not an easy task for both the student as well as the parents.

Eleevate Overseas is a young consultancy with an experienced guiding force of Mahesh Parmar, having ample amount of industry experience and knowledge to drive the students towards their dream destination and have a hassle-free experience. Eleevate overseas is a consultancy, which believes in a human-centric approach. Generally, in today's world, it is seen that the consultancies are selling products, wherein countries and universities are products for them. Whereas, it is totally different for Eleevate Over-seas, it looks into education as education, and not as a mere product. The team of expert counselors are trained to guide the students based on their profile, choices, financial back-ground, study gaps if any, and then only
recommends them to a particular country, rather than convincing them one way or the other for a university or a country. This way the students actually get what they deserve, rather than what the consultancy can give which is very rare and sets the consultancy apart from the rest of the competitors.

"We truly believe that education is not a business, education is a means of elevating one's self, and hence the name Eleevate Overseas," signifies Mahesh Parmar, Founder & CEO.

The organization takes care of the entire process and guides the students right from course counseling, university & country guidance, helping students write essays, SOPs, LOR format, applications & interview preparation, under-standing the financial documentation & the loan process, also helping them from pre-departure to post-departure services. It handles the entire process while being as transparent as possible, understands individual profiles, and does not go with a generalized perception concerning interview preparation. Eleevate Overseas focuses on the diverse back-grounds of the student's and works with them hand in hand as per their profile and financial capabilities.

We truly believe that education is not a business, education is a means of elevating one's self

It does not stick to a particular country or a University, but they will go in the direction as per the student's requirements, aspirations, profiles, marks, and accordingly guide them. The organization works not only with the top countries but also with smaller countries with good options. There are a lot of aspirants who are willing to go abroad but actually cannot afford countries like the US and UK. For this the consultancy helps the aspirant to onboard in the smaller countries in Europe, as the education is driven in terms of EU governance, quality is not compromised and at the same time, the cost of living is very economical.

Over the course of time, Eleevate Overseas has recruited students across multiple countries including Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Germany, UK, Canada, and many more with a 99% of visa success ratio. Eleevate Overseas is a human-centric consultancy and desires to be the true mentor going in the same direction. It is looking forward to spreading its footprints across the nation, establishing a net-work of offices, to reach out to as many students as possible to ensure that it gives similar services to students specifically in the smaller markets where people are generally not focused on being student centric.