Edwell Global Academy: Providing High Quality and Joyful Learning Curve for every Child

Vikas Singh,Founder
Vikas Singh, Founder

The Demand for Quality Education has always been a priority in terms of Preschool and Parents tend to look for the best possible education system for their children. But most of the parents get influenced only by the exterior setup that a Preschool has instead of understanding the educational aspect and importance of practical learning. The key challenge faced by parents today while selecting a Preschool is its operating expense due to which 70 percent of the population can’t afford the so called branded schools and eventually end up settling for the local schools which either don’t function properly or do not have a conceptualized curriculum. Edwell Global Academy is an Initiative by Vikas Singh, VIT Alumni with CFA and MBA (IVEY Business School, Canada) who teamed Jai Prakash - CMD of SAR Group to establish Edwell Global Academy with a vision to provide children an opportunity to develop readiness skills for primary schools through appropriate activities and experiences.

Incepted in the year 2012, Edwell
Global Academy focuses on early year’s foundation curriculum to provide a learning environment that enhances physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth in each child. The institute emphasizes primarily on standardized core curriculum and practical education for each child in a budget friendly manner. Vesting its energy on various models and locations including Rural, Urban region, Edwell aspires to educate the maximum number of kids to provide quality education in a cost effective way.

“We believe that curriculum plays a vital role in every preschool activity, right from interactions to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate. At Edwell, we have the best-in-class curriculum designed in-house using a combination of Play way and Montessori methods. Edwell Global also promises activities and programmes including Preschool Solutions with our Brand Alphabetz, Edwell Daycare Solution for Metros and Major Cities, Edwell Homework Zone a Learn and Grow Concept for the age group of 4 to 14 Yrs, Edwell Kids Club a Personality and Cognitive Development Program for the age group of 3 to 14 Yrs and Online Teacher Training Module. The USP of the organization is the UK based Concept Curriculum which takes the Best practices from the west and implements in a customized module as per education standards of India,” says Jai Prakash, Co-Founder, Edwell
Global Academy.

The main attribute which differentiates Edwell Global Academy from that of its counterpart is the approach towards setting up preschools in the most economical way and providing support using the latest technology available inexpensively. Additionally, Edwell also houses certified teachers who have undergone specialized Teacher Training Program which is an accredited course by TEFL, Canada. Since its inception, Edwell has worked on four self centres across rural and urban locations to understand different requirements and prospect of parents. Speaking of which, Vikas says, “We have setup 17 new centers across India till date, and have introduced its rural plan in July 2018 and have finalized 56 centers till date under the rural plan. A total of 73 centers are under Edwell Global Academy, and this is expected to cross the Landmark of 100 centers by January 2019.” The firm believes that the major contributing factor in the success of Edwell Global Academy is understanding the present market situation in the preschool industry and addressing the needs of parents and franchisee partners from partners’ brand. The firm aims to maximize the centers to the number of 300 by 2019 and plans to launch its primary and secondary chain of schools in states of Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Bihar and many more in the years to come.