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Srinidhi Naidu,Founder and CEO
Srinidhi Naidu,Founder and CEO

Medicine has always been one of the most lucrative and sought after career options both in India and abroad as well. A profession noble as such and aimed towards promoting a healthier society in general, requires the course structure to be designed with utmost caution. Considering the career opportunities, Indian students often aspire to pursue MBBS abroad. Countries all over the world develop the structural design of the course according to the criteria they deem as best suited. The UK, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Ukraine and Russia are the top ten countries to study medicine. Every year, thousands of individuals apply to medical schools across the globe; however, it’s a common dream of most medical aspirants to study MBBS in USA. Set up in 2006, EduconIndia is one such overseas educational consultancy service provider which was built with a vision to offer the right guidance and support to the students willing to study abroad.

“The foundation of EduconIndia was laid over 12 years ago, when during one of my projects with my previous employer, I noticed that there were a lot of medical students who would approach to seek help on higher education. I realised that there was a huge gap and there were not enough quality consultancy options, especially for the medical students. Comparatively, while engineers had gamut of options to pick from, medical students often turned back disappointed because they always intended to pursue PG in the U.S but were mostly offered the Masters program, which again is very different. A Masters program will not get them a license to practise, whereas for getting a license to practice, there are different protocols that one should maintain. There is a vacuum which the Indian consultancies often failed to address, and that is when I perceived the idea of EduconIndia. I quit my job and vested my focus towards this and since then, we had been working with extreme determination for our young doctors. We had been successful in filling the void and in ensuring that the students are finally granted their license to practice,” says Srinidhi Naidu, Founder and CEO, EduconIndia.

Offering Life-Changing and Enduring Career Counselling for Medical Students - EduconIndia
A progressively growing professional organization offering international educational consultancy services to students wanting to study abroad, EduconIndia is strategically located in Hyderabad, the capital city of the State of Telangana and a city that boasts of more than 700 Engineering colleges, 50 Medical Colleges and 1340 Degree colleges(Affiliated colleges to six State Universities)offering Bachelor Degree programs. A renowned name in the industry, EduconIndia not just offers Overseas Educational Consultancy but also provides assistance with Kaplan Testpreps, Residency Pathway and end-to-end Visa Assistance. While the global opportunities are infinite,
EduconIndia primarily operates with US taking note of the huge requirement of doctors and physicians across the States.

"Educonindia Constantly Strives To Work Towards Helping Medical Candidates By Organizing An Effective International Study Experiences, One That Will Help Them Advance Their Academic Work And Prepare Them To ‘Live In The World"

“EduconIndia is a very unique kind of consultancy. We stand no match to the other consultants, and when it comes to medical students and the licensing part, we don’t have to be associated with universities. We work with the US government to get the clearance for licenses while getting all the paperwork done and finally getting admissions for our medical students into post-graduate speciality courses in the United States. Many a times, students go to the US without proper guidance, to take training for the Kaplan examinations, but now for the first time in India, EduconIndia is bringing 7 elite global medical school faculties from the United States to Hyderabad, India. These faculty members are not just reputed awardees but are also authors of various successful medical books and journals which are widely read across. At EduconIndia, we don’t just work towards getting our clients admissions, we give them guidance from scratch,even if it takes flying down the trainers from abroad, we get them into the American system, we help them get their licenses and finally support them get a residency, which is the PG admission in the United State,”shares Srinidhi.

EduconIndia organized seven weeks of live interactive lectures at National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management(NITHM)in Hyderabad, featuring top Kaplan faculties. The session included group discussion with expert medical advisers to map out personalized study plan and outline the residency timeline that the students should be working towards. This also ensured that the participants get the most out of the course and materials. The newly updated lecture notes were filled with easy-to-understand color images and tables, and Kaplan also offered over 200 hours of self-paced video lectures, featuring clinical correlates and high-quality animations to review at own pace. These are great to use for recap on class sessions once the course is finished, or as a preview to the course, so that one can get questions ready to ask the teachers. The candidates could play video lectures up to 1.5x speed, flag topics for future review and take notes on individual video clips. Kaplan organized the program so that the students start their studies with a diagnostic exam to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Kaplan along with EduconIndia will continue to measure each candidate’s performance with discipline-based assessment exams and two full-length simulated exams. The offerings also included 1,500 additional warm up and post-test questions, and over 2000 additional basic science practice questions and explanations which are also mobile-friendly and available in the Kaplan app.

Speaking about the financials,Srinidhi adds,“During the PG courses, the students are paid a stipend of 50 to 60 thousand dollars per year for three years after that they become an MD physician and then they have a license to practise. In U.S, each of
these are paid around 20-25 lakhs per month, once they finish their licensing and if they come back to India, they get 50 percent of that in corporate segment. No doctor gets that kind of a pay even if they complete their MD in India. Even financially they settle themselves really very well in US and the US government also takes good care of them. So, that is one of the motivating factors that keeps them going and it is a unique feature that gives us an edge over our competitors. EduconIndia is an organisation which walks with its clients from the day they get into MBBS or the day they get into their under-graduation, until the day they get the 20 lakhs paycheck. So,that is what we are recognized for.”

Team EduconIndia

This said,coming back to hosting Kaplan Medical’s globally acclaimed USMLE Step 1 classroom lectures and that too for the very first time in India, endorsing Kaplan's global brand recognition was not an easy decision. It was a wonderful feeling for me to have made an agreement with Kaplan and to bring down their elite faculty all the way to India to train our students; however on the other hand I had to market it at a very short span of time and spread the news across, so that the maximum aspirants would get benefited. Though EduconIndia has its own reach and following across South India’s Medical student fraternity, this thing is some thing really big for us.

At this juncture I am happy and thankful to have met this young and brilliant team of digital marketers, VHonk Digital Media and Marketing. Right from the day I explained them the prominence this sessions had, they were up on their toes, working really hard, enquiring with me every little detail they needed to market the event and finally make the news reach the correct audience. It definitely is on me to pat on their backs and thank VHonk’s founder BineshGaddam, for making it work such wonderfully well for EduconIndia and Kaplan in India. From what I have seen, I believe that they are masters in Search, Social Media and Content Marketing.

Striving to Organize Infinite International Study Experiences
EduconIndia offers numerous life-changing and enduring academic, careers, intercultural, personal, and social benefits. There are hundreds of study abroad programs, each with an ability to serve different needs. While all programs vary widely in the way they are designed and operated, EduconIndia helps the medical aspirants look at options across different countries and at different academic terms(program lengths ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year). In the years to come, EduconIndia aspires to identify the students’ weaknesses and strengths, guide them through their study abroad process, providing them the information about study abroad options, potential colleges abroad, programs they offer, the application process, and scholarship opportunities.