Early Innings: A Foundation School and Daycare

Vikram Sonegara, Girish Nagpal & Rengarajan M,Directors
Vikram Sonegara, Girish Nagpal & Rengarajan M

The first 1,000 days of an infant’s life is the most important phase and a unique period of opportunity as per a research by the UNICEF. During this critical time, an infant’s brain develops at a faster pace, hence the experiences children have during this time will shape the architecture of their brain and build the connections that will allow them to develop lifelong skills to survive and thrive within the family, community, and culture. Unfortunately in India, most preschools start at the age of two to three years and by this time an infant’s brain has already gone through most of its intensive phase of development. This shows that there is a huge lack of awareness in our country regarding early brain development and early year’s brain stimulation during the infancy and the toddler age. Recognizing this gap in the society, Early Innings-Foundation School and day care was established to educate the parents about the critical phase of Childs’brain development and transform the Indian early education space by changing the way society has a preconception about early literacy and
early learning.

In words of Mr. Rengarajan M, Co-Founder, Early Innings, “With our core team having 90 years of experience in early childhood industry, we strive to create the nurturing qualities of home, warmth, security and love offering full childcare services within a comprehensive Foundation school curriculum and a complete research based multi-sensory learning experience for the children”. The organization offers different programmes including, toddle program and daycare(1.5-2.5 years), nursery program and daycare(2.5-3.5 years) and after school - learning enrichment programmes. Additionally the day care also offers unique benefits such as live CCTV access for 100 percent transparency and safety, GPS enabled child safe transport vehicle, world class infrastructure and training spaces, healthy and nutritious meal plans designed by renowned food and nutrition expert, well trained teachers and care-givers. Apart from this, Early Innings has also introduced a unique approach called ‘A SMILE’ a curriculum which brings together research & development from distinct domains viz, Neuroscience, Child Psychology, Edelman’s Theory and Montessori. The acronym A Smile stands for: Aesthetic, Sensory, Social, Music and Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic & Emotional development of a child.

“Thanks to the growing culture of nuclear families, there is rise in need for a safe and secure place to leave children without worrying about the various developmental
needs of the child. At Early Innings, we understand the anxiety levels of the parents and have designed our facility and programs accordingly. Apart from designing a well researched curriculum, world class infrastructure, we also provide live CCTV access to parents where they can see their child through our APP. Our school app allows a seamless communication between the school and parents on regular basis. The programs we offer permit parents to choose from a broad range according to the child’s age and needs. We understand that the formative years are most critical in the overall development of children. Hence, we envision nurturing growing independence along with positive self-esteem and self-image to inculcate a love of learning through a child’s early learning experience,” says Girish Nagpal, Co-Founder,Early Innings.

A Foundation School and Daycare where children don’t just spend time eating, playing and sleeping, Early Innings has designed a curriculum and has Learning Enrichment Programs curated with years of research to provide desired outcomes according to the developmental areas of a child. With 90 plus years of experience, the team at Early Innings is fully committed to the cause of creating strong foundation for Indian children and making them independent learners at a very early age. The company currently is running three centres succesfully in Bengaluru and soon aspires to spread its wings across the nation.