Dr. Deepa Verma: Igniting a Positive Revolution by Leveraging Immersive Teaching Techniques

  Deepa Verma,   Vice-Principal

Deepa Verma


In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the percentage of female instructors in emerging nations like India. However, due to engrained negative beliefs and several social impediments, their participation in leadership positions is relatively low. Ignoring the gender difference, women leaders are promoting equality in the nation where young aspirants receive guidance, friendship, and a philosopher within them in addition to education. They are making a significant contribution to the advancement of higher education in India and around the world. Dr. Deepa Verma is one such teacher, fostering more interaction with pupils to improve their learning engagement and academic performance.

Dr. Deepa Verma, Vice-Principal, Department of Botany, VIVA College of Arts, Commerce & Science has more than 17 years of experience in the field of education. Being Vice-Principal of the college she has forayed into the field of academic administration also. Her innate propensity towards teaching started during her PG student days when she picked up the threads of teaching. Though it started in a trial and error method within a short span of time Dr. Deepa developed as a beacon to so many students, nudging the students and encouraging students to become a harbinger of learning. According to Dr. Deepa Verma, "Teaching is not the lightning of a lamp but making the students progressively knowledge minded making them refined and enhanced helping them to lead a life in a better balanced way".

Dr. Deepa is proactively fostering a horde of children in their education and extra curricular endeavours owing to her ingrained passion for teaching and administration. The covid years completely shook up the education system exposing the students to many unforeseen maladies, but Dr. Deepa

maintained her incorrigible optimism. She enhanced her knowledge by becoming a psychologist and counsellor and human resource professional also. In 2019 the UNESCO initiative of the Open Education for Better World (OE4BW) mentoring program opened a vast new expanse of knowledge in the field of Open Education Resources (OER), which she along with her team of teachers explained to many other colleagues in her college as well as teaching staff of other neighbouring Colleges and Schools. Dr. Deepa has also been part of the Open Education Policy Forum, Poland in 2019 wherein she advocated the formation of policy for the use of OERs. Dr. Deepa considers all students belonging to one class, knowledge seekers. She is very enthusiastic about speaking about the president and members of the Trust (Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust, Virar). She appreciates the limitless academic freedom that she receives (as well as every teacher) continuously. “Teaching cannot be a profession but should become a way of life”, Dr. Deepa exhorts everyone.

A multifaceted innovative educator, Dr. Deepa is revolutionizing the nation's educational system via constant learning & an inventive spirit

In line with Dr. Deepa's beliefs, VIVA College strives to provide education to everyone without regard to caste, creed class or community.She therefore truly appreciates her work and responsibilities at VIVA College. “Initially, I started at the college as a lecturer. I was then given the opportunity to become the department's head. In 2020, I was promoted as vice principal after taking into account the productive work I have been doing for the organization and my contributions towards education”, shares Dr.Deepa Verma, Vice-Principal.

The Vishnu Waman Thakur Charitable Trust operates several other colleges, which offer undergraduate and Post Graduate degrees. The college also offers training in traditional subjects including the arts, sciences, and commerce as well as Self-finance courses.

Dr. Deepa wants to make a positive impact on the institution by fostering a friendly environment. To do this, she proposes offering students exposure by giving them access to numerous platforms where they can advance their knowledge for their holistic growth. Dr. Deepa asserts that holistic development can be accomplished by ensuring that a knowledge friendly environment concerning all the domains is formed, rather than focusing solely on the knowledge or personality domains.