Dr. Akash Ryall: The Transition of a Reluctant Entrant to an Education Leader

Dr. Akash Ryall,Director
Dr. Akash Ryall, Director

Education has taken a dramatic turn in today’s world. Backed by technology, it has reinvented itself into a mighty warrior that is paving the path for soldiers to create a better world for tomorrow. However, the crux of education continues to be the holistic development of mind, body and spirit. Adhering to this belief is his second nature and Dr. Akash Ryall ensures that the Bethany Group of Institutions remains unwavering in its principle of imparting quality education and providing all-round personal enrichment to children.

A third-generation educator, Director of Bethany Institutions, and former Principal of Bethany High, Akash is a man of many titles and talents. He upholds the legacy of his grandmother Mignon David, under whose guidance Bethany took root in 1963. As a graduate of Christ College, Bangalore, being an educationist was initially not on the cards for the young Akash. Calling himself a reluctant entrant, he had to be persuaded to switch from his glamorous career in advertising to the halls of academia. However, his condition of ‘just one year’ was rapidly won over by the joy of influencing children’s lives for the better and he realised he had found his true calling.

Bringing-up Bethany
Akash delegated responsibilities and instilled a sense of ownership amongst the team at Bethany, who were now handed the responsibility of each department. The class sizes are restricted to allow the teachers to know each student personally. Bethany High now has over 3300 students in two main campuses in Bangalore -Koramangala and Sarjapur Road. The classes extend right from the Pre-primary level to the 12th grade, where students are offered the Indian School Certificate (ISC). There are 331 teachers leading to
an overall enviable student:teacher ratio of 10:1

With his passion to make a change, Akash endowed Bethany with unique enrichment activities like the Reading program, Abacus math lab, Drama and Fine Arts. His deep-rooted love and encouragement for sports & cultural activities in Bethany made the school a leader in extra-curricular activities. The annual Bethany Carnival and Musical are eagerly awaited by the people of Bangalore.

"Dr. Akash Ryall ensures that the Bethany Group of Institutions remains unwavering in its principle of imparting quality education and providing all-round personal enrichment to children"

Inclusive Philosophy
“Bethany believes in inclusive education to the maximum extent possible that serves the needs of each child’s special educational needs. We try to address it through our Special School for children with developmental disabilities and unique LEAP program (for middle school) & NIOS (for High School) that cater to the academic challenges of children separately while allowing them to take part with the regular classes for all other activities,” states Akash.

Bethany is like family to Akash and he extends the same care and concern for the welfare of his students & teaching and support staff. He has setup the Staff and Students Welfare Fund and the Helpers Fund. The sense of family is extended by the participation of the whole school in fund-raising activities rather than seeking outside help. Akash counts it a success when people are happy to be in school!

Journey in Education
Akash also serves as the Director for the Bethany Institutions, Head of Ryall Associates and is a designated Inspector for ICSE Schools to grant clearance for affiliation. He has also been instrumental in setting-up many well-known schools in Bangalore like Greenwood High, Achievers Academy, Red Hills, Redbridge International and many more.
However, under his plethora of administrative roles, he struggles to do what he loves the most and that is, to teach. But he continues to work for the betterment of his students. As per Akash “One must develop the ability to wear multiple hats”.

Having achieved so much in such a short span of time, one might assume Akash would take a break and put his feet up for a more relaxing time. However, for this edu-leader, things are far from over. For him, his tryst with education is a never-ending fulfilling journey and his mantra is always to stay ahead. He is willing to share his expertise and knowledge to others hoping to setup quality educational institutions, but “For me, quality education for all is the main goal and I will continue to work for the benefit of the community and only with those genuinely interested in building an educational institution, not those out to make a quick profit,” concludes Akash.

Key Management:
Dr. Akash Ryall, Director, Bethany Institutions
Dr. Akash has equipped himself for the task with appropriate qualifications and training such as M.Ed., California State University, LA California (U.S.); Certificate in Special Education, University of California, LA (U.S.); Diploma in Educational Governance – Bowling Green State University Ohio (U.S.); and Principal’s course on Effective Management, XLRI Jamshedpur. He also has played roles, including Training Related Assignments in the U.S.; Coordinator in Roosevelt High, U.S.; Coordinator in Glendale Middle School, U.S.; and Understudy to Principal in Pasadena Elementary School, U.S. Dr. Akash has since acquired a Doctoral Degree from the University of Berkeley California (U.S.) on Commercialisation of Higher Education in India.

Institutions: Bethany High Koramangala), Bethany High (Sarjapur), Bethany Integrated Hostel, Bethany Special School and many more