Dityasis: Creating Visionary Leaders & Managers through Leadership Training Modules

Manoranjan Sahu,  DirectorThe growth of any organization starts with the vision and mission of its leaders that thrive to make the organization efficient and sustainable in each field of activities, as the core of it is to bring efficiency and through the development of its main assets that is the human manpower. The capabilities of the industries thus lie in the discretion of its leaders and their skills make a big impact on the organizations. Dityasis is in the B2B business model with a world renowned top Leadership development company, Crestcom International LLC, which has partnered with over 25,000 companies in over 60 countries. For the past 30 years, more than 60 percent of Fortune magazine's 'Most Admired Companies' have participated in Crestcom's leadership development program.

"Crestcom leadership training results through a blended learning approach. Its measured development, action plans, and personal follow-up ensure that participants get results that provide a measurable return on investment in the program. Dityasis complies in all respect with the leadership development modules by Crestcom International LLC and brings an environment for transforming managers into great Leaders exactly on the same platform and creating an environment in its new area of reach and circle of influence", says Manoranjan Sahu, Director, Dityasis.

Comprehensive Learning Materials
Furthermore, Dityasis wants to create an
impact, especially by catering to unemployment solutions in India through skill-based education. Despite the bloom in global industries, the unemployed numbers keep on rising and this is particularly due to the lack of desired skills and learning of the candidates due to both behavioral and lack of skill in their area of passion.

Dityasis approach to transforming a manager into a thought leader starts with a comprehensive consultation and training approach. The managers are constantly engaged in a discussion of ideas and how to apply these ideas to action through an interactive learning approach. These programs are conducted for each and every need of the organization and are tailor-made to the specific requirements. Comprehensive learning materials and hands-on exercises give a practical approach to overcoming challenges and deriving better results in realtime.

The purpose entirely lies to make efficient leaders and managers that help organizations thrive and bring sustainable solutions for the betterment of mankind

What sets apart Dityasis from its contemporaries is that it analyses and delves deeper into the candidate's areas of interest and expertise and then facilitates sufficient trainings for the opportunities to help them meet the desired skills. This helps the new energy and efficiency to the candidate and fight to deliver the best in the ecosystem. Dityasis wants to address the catalytic gap in the learning institutes vs industry demand for efficient and passion-driven candidates poised to become visionary leaders.

Targeting Growth through Collaborations
Dityasis is creating its space in the learning industry where professional universities and other educational institutions are showing a willingness to collaborate with the company. The future for Dityasis is to not do something that's already been done but bring innovations for the future demand of manknind. The world is adapting to newer trends and technology paces faster than ever. The dynamic world seldom sticks to the traditional methods and those who do not adapt, are stuck. In the learning industry, the notion is very much the same, as the industry demands and patterns keep on changing, and thus the candidates at Dityasis keep abreast with the rising standards that are tech-accomplished. Funding stands a crucial part and the company is open to more investments to take it to a bigger level. Down the 10-year lane, Dityasis is poised to be a competent player in the Industry and raise the bar up a notch through collaborations.