Corporate Dossier India (CDI): Rendering Advisory & Consultancy in Assessment, Facilitation & Development for Unparalleled Transformation

S Chakraborty, Founder & CEO

S Chakraborty

Founder & CEO

Leadership development and training have become pivotal in driving organizational success, shifting significantly towards digital learning and virtual coaching due to the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a hybrid working model, a change that aligns with the push for inclusive leadership strategies, emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion for fairer work environments.

However, the market players face a myriad of challenges, struggling to sync leadership development with swiftly evolving business strategies, to secure measurable returns on investment, and tailor training to suit a diverse workforce. Amidst this complex landscape, Corporate Dossier India emerges as a problem-solving expert and facilitator of bespoke training strategies. S Chakraborty, armed with tools and applications that dissect the structures and dynamics of large organizations, pinpoints issues, and offers need based solutions, making this fast-paced realm some what less perplexing and a tad more manageable.

Revolutionizing Learning & Development Initiatives

Corporate Dossier India, a recently established boutique advisory and consultancy firm, specializes in assessment and developmental centers, learning and development, leadership training, life & business coaching, and Talent Management. The firm’s overarching vision is to position itself as the globally preferred partner in the field of learning and development. “Our mission is driven by an unwavering commitment to initiate lasting, positive transformations in both individuals and organizations”, says S Chakraborty, Founder and CEO. This vision stems from a profound passion for inspiring individuals to unlock their full potential, leading to a heightened
personal sense of achievement and improved performance across teams and organizations, thereby aligning personal career goals with the organization's goals.

Nurturing Success Through Unique Expertise

India-based Corporate Dossier India is a boutique consultancy offering life & business coaching and management consultancy services. Its reach extends to the UAE, Bahrain, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. The firm’s versatile life & business coaching caters to corporate entities, MSMEs, and diverse businesses. The Management Consultancy operates through advisory, training, and facilitation for talent development.

“Our coaching portfolio includes life & business coaching for CEOs and Managing Directors, enhancing business and corporate management, while life coaching is targeted for personal growth aiming for upscaling to 2X within 3 years. We also provide programs such as Managerial Effectiveness Programs and Leadership Development tailor-made interventions, ensuring alignment within leadership teams”, adds S Chakraborty. CDI's distinctive approach emphasizes holistic development across domains, drawing from the founder's 33-year corporate experience. The firm’s Unique Selling Proposition rests on managerial effectiveness, OAR - Ownership Accountability-Responsibility, and real world corporate experience integrated with training expertise, offering transformative services for individuals and organizations.

Driving Transformation in People Development

Founder and CEO S Chakraborty leads Corporate Dossier India with a team dedicated to people development and change management. The team commits to delivering measurable results, guiding clients on their paths, and fostering exceptional performance and fulfillment. Emphasizing a culture of innovation and happiness, the team recognizes these as pivotal for productivity. The team stands out due to the status of its associates, coaches, trainers, and facilitators as 'industry peers'.

This status grants them unparalleled credibility, as a profound understanding of authentic field challenges establishes exceptional relatability with learners and participants. Together, this commitment and unique expertise set the map art in the sphere of change management, leadership, and people development through Corporate Dossier India. In the future, the firm plans to launch programs focusing on peak performance and managerial effectiveness in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya from February to May 2024. The firm’s expansion targets regions like Bahrain, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Based in Mumbai, the firm operates in various cities including Pune, Nasik, Baroda, and Indore.

The founder's strength lies in clear, charismatic communication in English, integrating Hindi for broader engagement. With three decades of diverse experience, the firm offers real time, tangible insights into corporate working. The firm’s future is defined by exceptional agility, enduring energy, commanding presence, and unique vocal resonance, solidifying Corporate Dossier India's dynamic trajectory and commitment to growth.