Consilience: Redefining Education in Today's Technology Driven World

Dr. Shabbi Luthra, Founder & Director

Dr. Shabbi Luthra

Founder & Director

Formal education in India is still based on the traditional methods of brick and mortar classes which require students to attend full time schools and colleges to complete their education. While this method is amongst the commonly accepted mode of education across the world, the education fraternity has now opened up to adopting e-learning methods. According to a recent research conducted by KPMG along with insights from Google search, India’s e-learning space was $247 million, comprising 1.6 million users in 2016. However, with the increased adoption of online learning, this market size is likely to grow eight-folds to $1.96 billion and the user base is expected to grow six times to 9.6 million users by 2021.

Mumbai based Consilience is one such global innovation consultancy which recognized the potential of the evolving e-learning space. Established in 2016, the firm is a non-profit company that supports educational institutions and educators to transform teaching and learning methods with
the rapidly accelerating change environment. Renowned across the world for its quality innovation, with agility and impact, Consilience blends together its experience in researching, planning, creating and managing online learning platforms for Schools and Organizations to create online learning infrastructures that meet the needs of learners in their unique contexts.

Being in Education field since the last 30 years, Consilience brings in deep understanding of how teaching and learning takes place in the classrooms

Blending Technology with Experience
Consilience’s vision has always been to extend learning opportunities for learners via online learning. Keeping up with this vision, the firm offers unique services which includes Instructional Design services where the latest technology, research-based pedagogy, and instructional learning theory are combined to develop high quality, interactive, online or blended learner-centered experiences that align with a school/ institution’s objectives; Customized Online Learning Service where a range of customized services are offered to help educational institutions deliver online or blended learning solutions like Learning Management System (LMS)
implementation, Learner Profiling, Training services like Content design - training subject matter experts (SMEs) and Online teaching, Course administration services, Online/Blended learning analytics and Full end to end implementation services – for both online and blended learning environments. Consilience also provides a range of curated online student elective, self paced short courses, which blend learning opportunities via Consilience Online. These courses and services allow educational institutions to implement an online learning program at their institution quickly and effortlessly.

“Being in Education field since the last 30 years, our team at Consilience brings deep understanding of how teaching and learning takes place in the classroom. With change being the only constant, our team continuously evolves their understanding of emerging technologies and trends. This allows us to deliver relevant and meaningful growth for our clients. Research and Development has always been at the core of Consilience. We believe that Research and Partnerships have been the key to our success in the online learning space. We have invested, and will continue to invest in understanding our students and their needs, the continual evolution of the online market and eLearning technology solutions and effective pedagogical practices,” speaks Dr. Shabbi Luthra, Founder and CEO, Consilience.