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Vibhor Saini,Director

Vibhor Saini


Imparting Education in Music Since Nine Decades
Established in 1924, Saraswati Music College is among the oldest and the most reputed schools of Indian and Western music, dance and other art forms in Delhi. Founded in Lahore by Principal Late Prof.

SMC is completing 100 years in another eight years promoting cultural ties and spreading Indian Classical Music all around the world

Bansilal Kapoor, disciple of the veteran musician Late Pandit Maniram ji of Mewati Gharana, the institution moved to Darya Ganj, Delhi after partition. Having produced musicians of outstanding repute such as Padma Vibhushan Pt. Jasraj, Playback Singer Mohammed Rafi, Music Director Shri. O. P. Nayyar and many more, the institute has grown into an establishment contributing to cultural development through education in various disciplines of arts.Under the aegis of Shri Balram Saini & Mrs.Usha Saini, who took the mantle from the founder in 1970's, the institution has grown and evolved in both size and scope of activities. Due to their vision, not only did the institute organize a number of cultural and star-studded events around the world, but also expanded its operations in the institute's new building in south Delhi, Safdarjung Enclave where the legacy is being
carried forward by their son Vibhor Saini, (Hony. Director SMC), grandson of the founder and an accomplished musician himself. He has been an integral part of Saraswati Music College since childhood and is credited for introduction of western music & music production streams and the institute's smooth journey since last two decades."Music is a soulful journey to a better living. It heals and boosts mental health and in children, it increases concentration and focus. Patience and practice are the key to acquire knowledge of Music," says Vibhor. He further mentions, "Students now-a-days are much interested in receiving name and fame from the profession of music and so tend to obtain the training as soon as possible. However, we advice students to first obtain learning up-to a certain level and then only move forward for a professional career." Another thing Saini pinpoints is that a student should be introduced to a good instrument the moment he/she starts learning as a 'Good instrument is vital in learning music.'

Interesting to note, the institute does not offer most classes in groups and rather believes in guiding individually. This is done to provide all students their own space to learn, persevere and hone their talent in their own way, as per their calibre, interest and pace. This also helps in better communication and bonding between the students and respective instructors, who at SMC are well qualified and experienced, most even associated with the institute since decades.

Saraswati Music College is dedicated to impart education in Indian and Western music not just to increase the knowledge of the amateur musicians and artists but also to give them an opportunity to nurture and showcase their talent at the cultural events conducted by the institute in India and around the world. With this aim an independent art Promotion wing of Saraswati Music College, "Katharas Studios", one of the most prestigious audio and video
production venues in Delhi, showcases and promotes many of SMC's talents. It provides
education, exposure and a platform to various artists and intends to bring forth to the audience the finest productions by upcoming talents, discerning artists, musicians, photographers, and film makers.

In keeping with its tradition of advancing art and culture, the foundation has opened an art gallery to promote upcoming artists in the field of Fine Arts which is headed by Vipul Saini, elder grandson of the founder and an Artist ( Painter & Writer ) himself. The institute frequently organizes Art Camps and concerts in which renowned artists from all over the country are invited to perform and conduct workshops.

SMC is completing 100 years in another eight years and have a vision to establish its branches in India and other countries, promoting cultural ties with them and spreading Indian Classical Music all around the world. It has already commenced new branches in Tashkent- Uzbekistan & Hoshangabad (M.P).

The institute is run by a registered Society and is Affiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad; and offers theoretical and practical training programs on Hindustani Classsical and Light music as well as western music and covers subjects like Blues, Rock, Country, Metal, Western vocals, Instrumental Music on Piano, Keyboards, Guitars, Sitar, Drums, and dance forms such as Jazz, Contemporary, Classical Dance, Kathak & Folk dance, Painting, Music technology, Programming and recording and many more.

Well located in the heart of New Delhi, the beautiful building complex with world class infrastructure of Saraswati Music College that includes spacious classrooms, an open air theater, sound-conditioned halls & dance floors, a video & audio studio with state-of-the art equipments and so on offer students the best of facilities & music education.