CodingZen: Make your Child Future Ready!

Varun Juneja, Director Operations

Varun Juneja

Director Operations

Headlines today rave about teens that come out with computer applications as a solution to societal challenges, such as Locatera- for tracking school buses, Sellixo- to profitably dispose your waste and others. Coding has made tech more people-friendly and accessible allowing us to develop our own ideas.

In today’s digital world, coding is evolving as a fundamental skill alongside language and logic, missing out on it leaves kids stuck at the starting line in the digital race. As technology dependency everywhere is constantly rising, today’s children need to be equipped with the right skills to integrate into such a tech-savvy culture. Delhi-based edutech startup, CodingZen, believes that Coding is not about learning to Code, but about learning to Think. They organize entrepreneurship workshops integrated with coding classes that help your child to think logically and creatively, to code and come up with ideas to change the future.

“Entrepreneurship is being favored in India now. We see many youngsters come up with brilliant
apps through pure coding and creativity. The Kumaran brothers, for example, the Chennai-based duo who created the very addictive game, Catch Me Cop, were just of ages 14 and 12 at the time. Digitalization is rapidly engulfing every aspect of life, from education to banking to even shopping which has gone online, as a result, coding is now given high priority as more nations promote coding in schools and more startups teach coding. India being a very young country has great potential in taking over this digital revolution with our next generation being at the forefront. This inspired our founders to make coding as common as the alphabet, a skill not reserved for a few but available to all children,” says Varun Juneja, Director Operations, CodingZen.

With technology dependency constantly on rise, today’s children need to be equipped with the right skills to integrate into such a tech-savvy culture

The CodingZen Academy has courses for both beginners and dedicated developers with a wide range of options. “We are continuously promoting a creative learning environment and building a fun-filled coding community. Our programs are tailor-made for each age group, to be fun, interactive and educative. We work with kids as young as 7, to make best use of their impressionable years to enhance their logical and coding
skills, as well as creativity. We have web and game development, and graphic designing using Adobe. We also have programs where kids are taught to make Android Apps which they can upload on Play Store, making them accessible and also marketable. We revise our material and also include new courses such as 3D printing which keep our kids ahead technologically. For senior students, we conduct C, C++, networking and Python classes. Unity and Swift are also taught.”

“We teach on experiential and activity basis rather than text-book learning. Our sessions are tailored with a foresight to build confidence among children, through public speaking activities, integrate entrepreneurial skills and give them the maximum practical exposure to coding,” shares Varun.

Charting the Map for the Future
Currently based out of Delhi, in coming days CodingZen plans to expand its reach geographically. “We are looking at vertical expansions where we want to tie up with schools and tuition centers for longterm workshops and activities. We are aiming at parent support growth. We want to create coding communities that can conduct activities and meaningful discussions to build responsible coders and application developers who are capable of acting against cyber threats, cyber crimes and more so in future. Above all, we believe in quality and so, our main aim now is to empower our next generation with all the necessary coding and entrepreneurial skills,” concludes Varun Juneja.