Clini Launch Research Institute: Shaping the Future of Healthcare by Harnessing the Power of Quality Training

  Dr. Karuna Mutalik,    Managing Director

Dr. Karuna Mutalik

Managing Director

Clinical Research plays a critical role in advancing healthcare and has an enormous, positive impact on the drug development process in addition to the Indian and global economy. Ensuring safe, ethical clinical trials that help spur the development of new, life saving drugs and medical devices that benefit millions of patients worldwide is a great responsibility and requires effective relevant training. In this specialized industry, obtaining the right knowledge and building the right attitude is of immense importance to be able to perform medical investigations on human subjects to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs. Clini Launch Research Institute provides a platform to acquire quality education on advanced clinical research helping students raise their standards in the medical field in terms of quality, competence, industry knowledge, and confidence.

Clini Launch Research Institute (CLRI) offers a wide range of highly qualified training Programs in Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs and Medical coding, Clinical SAS, and Biostatistics. What makes CLRI unique is its highly experienced trainers who train students on subjects that are beyond theoretical; they train them in various soft skills that are needed to thrive in this industry. Clinical research consists of patient oriented group and population-centered studies. Due to the complexity of the whole drug development process and the impact
that it has on human health, it is important to have trained professionals working throughout this process. Hence, at CLRI equal importance is given to determining the different levels of training needed for various functional levels of clinical research professionals. Students are helped to acquire a good working knowledge of medical guidelines and the applicable regulations issued by various regulatory authorities to perform clinical trials in an ethical way. In addition to technical skills, researchers are expected to have good interpersonal skills and excellent communication (both verbal and written) and trainers at CLRI provide excellent training for the same. The team at CLRI is built on experienced industry important pillars namely Akshay Singh, Shweta Singh, Harsha Jethani, and Abhay Singh who have joined the institution because of their passion for training. They are leveraging their expertise in the relevant industries to ensure the smooth delivery of knowledge and guide learners toward real-world professional success.

CLRI aspires to improve the quality of education & training in clinical research & support the entire healthcare & pharmaceutical industry

Headquartered in Bangalore, CLRI is known for providing innovative research methodologies to train professionals in ethical practices of clinical research, medical coding, medical writing, and clinical data management to meet the growing employment needs of the healthcare industry. The institute is working in collaboration with some of the top recruiters in the industry giving trained professionals a wide scope of employment opportunities. It has successfully placed thousands of candidates from its competent talent pool in the paramedical, clinical research, and pharmaceutical industries. Pharmacovigilance (PV) plays a key role in the healthcare system through the assessment, monitoring, and discovery of interactions among drugs and their effects on humans. By training students in Pharmacovigilance, CLRI is leading an effort to enhance healthcare professionals’ contribution to managing public health.

The Future Roadmap
“Clini Launch Research Institute’s vision is to become one of the best clinical research training institutes in India to meet the diverse challenges of the industry by providing experience based, collaborative learning programs and integrated clinical courses designed to prepare students to be future healthcare leaders. With its excellent course structure, innovative approaches, and experiential learning, CLRI aspires to improve the quality of education and training in clinical research and support the entire healthcare and pharmaceutical industry”, concludes Dr. Karuna Mutalik, Managing Director.