Clavimate: One-Stop Personalized Solution for Students

Suraj Kumar Nayak,Founder & CEO

Suraj Kumar Nayak

Founder & CEO

Learning and personal development is critical for students. However, students often face issues in learning due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Unavailability of right sources brings hindrance in their academic success, which accounts for extrinsic factor. On the other hand, students may also show incompetent performance in spite of all available resources. Here the intrinsic factor comes into play which is students’ inability to grasp the required knowledge in a time-bound manner. Hence, both indicate towards the lack of proper guiding platform that helps a student to proceed in a systematic manner to attain success. The current e-learning portals are considered potential to suffice these needs. But the students often face issues like generalized course materials and instructions. Student-specific personalized learning and monitoring is mostly missing which renders the goal of the platform unfulfilled.

Clavictor Academy, a company established in 2018 has developed a platform that addresses the demands of the students. Clavimate Classes are used to interact with the students individually allowing the mentors to understand their issues. The company was founded by Suraj Kumar Nayak from his experience and issues faced during his IIT entrance preparation. In his words, “We are focusing on providing all the essential high-quality educational services to the students as well as getting the required
self-study effort done by the students to ensure a 100 percent success rate of the students.”

Cutting-edge Assistance
Company CEO Nayak says, “The solution proposed by us is a personalized learning platform for K-12 students. It comprises all the services that a student requires to learn the subjects properly. We provide animated videos, live classes, and their notes so that students can easily visualize and learn the concepts. An online real-time doubt clearing facility is provided so that they can get their doubts clarified immediately.” The company has developed a structural monitoring platform for the students where they are encouraged to appear in assessments that are designed to measure their performance. The mentors here develop influence on daily self-studying activity.

Clavimate offers a variety of services as scholarship to students who have merit on the recommendation of the school principals

The company USP is its ability to take the responsibility of improving the performance of the student day by day if it is not found satisfactory. Besides, a personalized self-study plan is produced for each student. The company realizes the need for providing the students with guidance and study environment. Clavimate has created residential learning centers in major cities to help such students. This helps Clavimate stand out in the market competition.

Performance Benchmarks
Clavimate is recognized as an innovative startup by Startup India Program of Govt. of India. It is currently incubated at EIC, ADYPU Pune, Maharasthra and FTBI, NIT Rourkela, Odisha. Mr. Nayak adds, “The startup has won the prestigious Odisha Youth Innovation Fund Award-2019 conducted by Govt. of Odisha, and Entrepreneurship in Residence (EiR) grant-2020 from the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeiTY), Govt. of India. Further, the startup was featured on Twitter of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India for its effort in implementing innovative student performance improvement strategies.” The company is known for helping more than 10,000 students to gain access to high quality education facilities. The company has also partnered with schools to provide scholarships to meritorious but poor students.

The company CEO believes that they are on the right track for future expansion where the company is willing to venture in different geographical locations and solve graver challenges faced by students.