Christ University: Striding Perfection by Transcending Intellectual Pursuance

St Kuriakose Elias Chavara,FounderFounded in 1969 as Christ College, the now established Christ University has a history of taking up path-breaking initiatives in higher education introducing innovative and modern curricula. Academic discipline, holistic and global education practices have always been a part of this prestigious institution. Receiving an Autonomous status by the UGC in 2004, the institution was eventually recognized with Potential for Excellence in 2006 and was also ranked among the top ten for undergraduate courses in the India
Today group survey.

Christ University was one of the first institutions in India to be accredited in 1998 by the NAAC, followed by ‘A’ grade crediting in the years of 2004 and 2016. With an enthusing academics scaling beyond conventional educational trends, the deemed university offers courses in business, social and humanity sciences, law, architecture, commerce and management, conferring grounds for even multi- disciplinary doctoral programs. Accommodating students from various parts of the world, the college maintains a harmonious multicultural atmosphere and felicitates the talents of its students with the provision of staging several extra-curricular sports and cultural events.

The college campus serves as a nurturing ground for creative excellence to the student community and offers platforms for various dignified academic and co-curricular activities also with an eco-friendly environment, ascertaining the importance of maintaining a
pro-green surrounding, thereby posing to be an exceptional educational establishment, awarded with ‘best institutional buildings and garden.’

With a recent development of launching a ‘centre for research projects’ in 2010, the University aimed to promote, facilitate, co-ordinate and support advanced research programs. Besides availing these already privileged campus facilities, the students also undergo rigorous career planning through counselling sessions training them towards employability skills, resume building, group discussions and other interview skills, ensuring maximum coaching in providing a holistic outlook, preparing the students for the real-world career prospects.

Justifying excellence in every sense, the university cracks open new ventures broadening its quad and reaching far-ranging recognition, thus recently opening up new branches of the Christ University campus at Kengeri and Bannerghatta .