Christ Public School: Dedicated to Providing Quality Education Rooted in Values, Academic Excellence & Holistic Development

 Prof. Fr. Dr. Davis Panadan CMI, Director,   Midhu John, PrincipalEducation is the bedrock of societal progress, shaping individuals into knowledgeable, skilled, and morally upright citizens. In India, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) stands as a beacon of quality education, providing a standardized curriculum from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Emphasizing both academic rigor and holistic development, CBSE schools play a pivotal role in preparing students for higher education and equipping them with the necessary skills for success in a competitive world. One such institution embarking on this noble mission is Christ Public School, nestled in the vibrant community of Basavanagar. Founded in November 2015 under the stewardship of St. Mary’s Church and the visionary leadership of St. Mary’s Educational Trust, Christ Public School aims to offer holistic educational opportunities to all children in the area. Guided by esteemed priests of the CMI order, renowned for their contributions to educational excellence exemplified by institutions like Christ University, the school has set its sights on a lofty goal, to be the light of the world.

Unique Blend of Value-Driven Education & Academic Excellence

Christ Public School distinguishes itself through its unique blend of value-driven education and academic excellence. Rooted in integrity, the school's ethos fosters an environment where students not only excel academically but also develop into compassionate and responsible individuals. Since its establishment, the school has prioritized on instilling core values such as compassion and empathy, essential to its Christian identity. Starting modestly with kindergarten and gradually expanding, the school now enters its sixth year, offering a comprehensive curriculum up to eighth grade, with plans for further expansion to twelfth grade. With each passing year, it refines its policies to create a supportive learning environment, promoting discipline, cultural values, and spiritual growth among its students.

Rendering Students the Support to Thrive Both Academically & Personally

At the heart of Christ Public School lies its devoted faculty, meticulously selected for their unwavering dedication to fostering enduring relationships with both students and the institution. With a student-teacher ratio maintained at 1:15, and a strong emphasis on personalized attention, the school ensures that every student receives the requisite support to thrive both academically and personally. Beyond the confines of the classroom, an extensive array of extracurricular activities is on offer, providing students with ample opportunities to explore and cultivate their talents. There are promising developments on the horizon
as the school sets its sights on the future. “We are excited to inform that our new school building, equipped with cutting-edge amenities such as specialized laboratories and expanded computer labs, is nearing completion. This infrastructure upgrade heralds a new era for Christ Public School, poised to elevate the learning experience for students and faculty alike. We believe that these enhancements will foster a conducive environment for growth and innovation, empowering our students to excel academically and creatively”, mentions Midhu John, Principal of Christ Public School.

Commitment to Academic Growth & Community Enrichment

Christ Public School is currently undertaking ambitious plans to secure affiliation for grades eleven and twelve, reflecting its commitment to expanding academic offerings and maintaining a high standard of education across all levels. These efforts align with the school's overarching mission to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience, equipping students to excel in both academic endeavors and personal growth. Christ Public School has established itself as a beacon of quality, garnering respect and honours for its accomplishments in spite of the difficulties presented by a competitive educational environment. Through active participation in inter-school competitions, Olympiad examinations, and collaborations with esteemed institutions like Christ Academy, the school consistently showcases the talents and capabilities of its students on regional and national platforms. However, what truly sets Christ Public School apart extends beyond academic accolades.

Midhu John, Principal

The school places a strong emphasis on cultivating a nurturing and inclusive community, where parents rely on the institution not only for academic excellence but also for the supportive and welcoming environment fostered within the campus. Teachers, embodying a nurturing aspect reminiscent of a mother's care, forge deep connections with students, creating an atmosphere where every child feels valued and supported throughout their educational journey. The school’s commitment to providing a sense of belonging and support underscores the school's dedication to providing not just education, but also a nurturing and meaningful experience for all its students.

The teachers, embodying a nurturing aspect reminiscent of a mother's care, forge deep connections with students, creating an atmosphere where every child feels valued & supported throughout their educational journey

Future Roadmap

As Christ Public School embarks on its journey forward, it aims to further embody the transformative potential of education, nurturing young minds and moulding them into compassionate and responsible individuals. With unwavering dedication to its fundamental principles of honesty, compassion, and top-notch performance, the school envisages a forthcoming where its students become outstanding members of society and future leaders. To realize this vision, Christ Public School will persist in emphasizing comprehensive growth, providing an educational program that nurtures mental advancement, instills ethical values, and promotes civic engagement. The school will also endeavor to establish a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for learning, where each student is appreciated and encouraged to achieve their utmost capabilities. Furthermore, Christ Public School will aim to improve its facilities and educational materials, guaranteeing its position as a leader in innovation and academic distinction. “As we continue to grow and evolve, our school is poised to leave an indelible mark on the educational landscape, enriching the lives of countless students and families for generations to come”, concludes Midhu John.