Chaman Bhartiya School: Empowering Future Leaders through Digital Education & Problem-based Learning

Allan Anderson, Director“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think",- Albert Einstein

Learning is a journey and a life long process for developing an individual. Digital learning is the newest form of learning especially during and after the post-COVID-19 era however, the conventional method of learning is the primary learning standard. The importance of digitization and digital learning was realized by Chaman Bhartiya School, which is a modern and ambitious school, focusing on leadership, problem based learning academic excellence, and 21st-century competencies. Problem based learning is a student centred approach through which a learner learns about a particular subject by collaborating to solve a problem. It is a teaching method in which real world; complex problems are used to promote learning in students. This promotes critical thinking skills, communication skills, and competency for working in groups as an individual.

Chaman Bhartiya School is first of its kind K12 school in Bengaluru with a vision to provide a holistic approach to teaching which includes leadership development along with a rigorous academic curriculum. The institution aims to help children discover their true potential in leadership through problem-based learning along with designed thinking. Chaman Bhartiya School believes that leaders aren't made overnight and that it is a journey that begins when the child starts to walk. In this fast-paced ever evolving world, it's hard to predict what the future would look like thirty years from now, the world might need leaders who are capable enough of taking the right decisions to make a better tomorrow. Therefore, education is something that will determine how to nurture future leaders and develop traits of leadership.

Chaman Bhartiya School focuses on creating an environment that will enable the nurturing of passion in every learner by developing personal and social skills and qualities that are unique to an individual. The institution has a magnificent school building designed a multipurpose hall for performances and exhibitions, a tree house that is one of its kind and is centred around a replanted tree from Pondicherry, a Library with a rich collection of printed and digital books in different genre and languages and IT infrastructure which comprises of 1:1 iPad program, The Maclab, Apple podcast centre and digital professional development, Innovation laboratory where learners can create solutions, solve problems, develop skills, as well as talents along with external play area, sports area, and Indoor swimming pool.
Programs To Inculcate Learning
The old style of schooling is quite prevalent in India and it emphasizes more on academic learning over basic social and life skills. What differentiates Chaman Bhartiya School from the rest of the competitors in the market is its unique approach to unfolding leadership potential in the students. It encourages problem-based learning along with practical application and designed thinking and also encourages its teachers to understand that their job is not only to prepare students for tests but it's also to develop human beings who can become great leaders in the future. The institution inculcates problem based learning in various ways especially by combining traditional classroom teaching with problem based learning, it wants to be able to develop socially and emotionally strong students. The organization has plans to start implementing the Leadership academy and Passion projects this academic year.

Programs like Passion Project helps to recognize the unique passion every student possesses and then help them realize their passion. The institution soon wants to make Passion projects a career oriented program. It also has a leadership academy program where students can meet and interact with leaders from various verticals of life to understand what makes them distinguished leaders. Other programs include Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create where students can learn to code and it also enables them to communicate ideas through music, drawing, video, and photography. Other custom made programs for students include Joy of reading, Math Mastery, Lego Robotics, and Space Education. "Chaman Bhartiya School focuses on nurturing the passion in learners so that they can become a leader in their area of passion”, mentions Allan Anderson, Director, Chaman Bhartiya School.

Digitization of Learning
Chaman Bhartiya School Believes that Digital learning is the future and therefore encourages its students to learn how to collaborate and adapt to technology, keeping in mind the digital education culture. This need was realized especially during the pandemic when the students worked as teams on projects to work on their critical thinking ability. Chaman Bhartiya school envisions the nurturing of the vision makers and the leaders. To ascertain that the learners have glitch free learning, Chaman Bhartiya School ensures that the teachers undergo Training on sharing and collaboration, on which they spend sixteen hours per month. The institute also conducts a rigorous recruitment process with many activities as a test to understand the whole personality of the teachers and not just their academic performance.

Future Roadmap
Continuous development and change in technologies necessitate the use of digital technology in day-to-day life. The adoption of an innovative and practical approach to education has enabled Chaman Bhartiya School to deliver on its promise of quality consistently in time. Chaman Bhartiya School is one of the leading schools in the country and it aims to strengthen its position as one of the leaders in India. The Organization is also one of the fastest-growing schools and it aims to strengthen its position by launching a chain of schools in the coming years to ensure the growth of the nation by providing future leaders.