Care International School: Going Beyond Curriculum for Whole Some Education

Aarthy Nehru, CEOA wholesome education providing equal opportunities to develop excellence in academics, sports or through other activities is extremely vital for a student to either develop a new interest or strengthen existing passion. Going beyond the regular curriculum to achieve this is Care International School (CIS), which heightens the learning experience through sports, creative arts and technology along with academics for stimulating holistic development; there by preparing students to be future ready. Spread over a 40 acre serene campus, the school boasts of separate play grounds for cricket, football, tennis, hand ball, kho-kho, athletics and even houses a four court indoor basketball stadium.

Equipped with digital classrooms and library, the school follows a unique teaching methodology of international standards for Nursery (experiential learning to develop skills) and CBSE syllabus from grade 1 onwards (inclusive of training for competitive exams in the higher classes). Maintaining a good teacher-student ratio (1:20)allows the teacher to give individual attention to students. The extracurricular activities range from performing arts (vocal music, instruments and dance), sports (skating, gymnastics, Silambam among others) to STEM
activities (robotics and game designing) and students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talent in multiple platforms (intra-school, inter-school, and international exposure through IIMUN). “We also keep the parents in the loop with PTMs and involve them in various school activities,” proclaims Aarthy Nehru, CEO, CIS.

Teachers constantly infuse technology in their teaching methodologies, where concepts are introduced with the help of short videos, animated movies, online quizzes and presentations

Teachers constantly infuse technology in their teaching methodologies, where concepts are introduced with the help of short videos, animated movies, online quizzes and presentations. While flipped classroom techniques enable effective learning, web-based adaptive program for primary class helps improve their vocabulary in English and self-learning tools improve their math skills. The digital classrooms and library houses six thousand books that get frequently updated. The innovative teaching methods prepare the students to face real life challenges, hone their creative side and boost their critical thinking in a positive, stress-free environment. This has bestowed the school with ‘Good School in the Region’ award by CBSE for three consecutive years and the students with dozens of awards in various sports like
skating, archery, tennis and cricked in the State and National level. In fact, Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT) has selected one of its students into District Cricket Team.

CIS offers a positive ambience to its staff, includes them in decision making process, regularly upgrades them on teaching methods & technologies,and organizes 200-300 hours of recreational activities for them, which explains its impressive 90 percent retention rate. “Our transparent annual performance review helps our teachers to work on their weak-points and emerge stronger,” claims Aarthy. Apart from 24/7 camera surveillance and guards patrol, a Breach Control Committee is also established to prepare and respond during emergencies.

Cultivating Hygienic Practices & Social Awareness
CIS’ Health and Hygiene club imparts knowledge on bad eating habits and influences the students to cultivate hygienic habits, thus making future generations healthier. Through various social initiatives such as creating awareness about the effects of Prosopis Juliflora and its eradication (Design for Change), spending a fun day with underprivileged children (Joy of Giving) and visiting nearby government schools to create awareness about health and hygiene (Under Each One Teach One), the school empowers its students to be morally and socially aware of their surroundings. Paving the way to transformational future, CIS conducts 'INSPIRE' career guidance program for its studentsand intends to house Regional Center for Design &Innovations, and Financial Literacy programs with IB/IGCSE syllabus in the subsequent terms.