Indus University: Strengthening Students' Intelligence, Spiritual & Emotional Quotient

Dr. Nagesh Bhandari, Presidential Secretariat,Smt. Ritu Bhandari, Presidential Secretariat

Dr. Nagesh Bhandari

Presidential Secretariat

For years, higher education in India has largely been academically inclined. While this approach produces theoretically strong students, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of holistic development of students. The lack of pragmatic skills often acts as a hindrance in a student's long-term success, especially in the corporate sector. Ushering in a differential approach to education and focusing on the wholesome development of students is Indus University, a UGC approved institution that specializes in rendering professional courses along with a focus on Indic studies.

"Currently almost every academic institution provides degrees and job opportunities, focusing on the Intelligence Quotient of their students. Indus University is dedicated to developing students into skilled individuals with not only their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but also by tapping into their Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ)," explains Smt. Ritu Bhandari, President, Indus University. A niche university offering education in a variety of branches, Indus University molds its students into global citizen while rendering basic skills such as analysis & problem solving. Spread across a lush 16 acer campus in Ahmedabad, the educational institution possesses departments such as Engineering & Technology, Aviation, Business Management, Design & Architecture, Clinical Research, and Indic studies among others.

Building Capable Global Citizens
In today's time, when every individual aspires to become a global citizen; Indus University leverages its pedagogy and methodologies to ensure that its students don't just run the race but lead it too. The university renders a world-class academic experience to students through auxiliary exposure to modern-day practices with its existing laboratories and upcoming center of excellence. Additionally, Indus University's Indic studies department persists on making students aware about
India's contribution to the field of science and technology. Students are presented with the opportunity to understand the practical implementation of their education by industry visits, training and workshops conducted by industry experts throughout each semester. The University also possesses advanced technology such as smart classes, upgraded 30,000+ Books Bank in Library to help students stay in touch with the times.

Indus University lays emphasis on global exposure by conducting excursions to Canada and various European nations, based on students' field of specialization. "This global exposure has enabled quite a few of our students and faculties to initiate their own startups at the end of their academic career and we at Indus have not only helped them at incubation level but also aided them financially," adds Dr. Nagesh Bhandari.

Smt. Ritu Bhandari, Presidential Secretariat

Committed Faculty & Founders
The backbone of any educational institution is its faculty therefore Indus University ensures that each of its teaching staff is oriented towards research and most of them hold their PhD's. However, what makes them relevant is their orientation towards teaching and the focus on students. Additionally, Indus University ensures that its faculty members grow individually while taking the institution ahead.

Indus University lays emphasis on global exposure by conducting excursions to Canada and various European nations, based on students' field of specialization

The very capable team of Indus University is spearheaded by two extremely capable individuals, Dr. Nagesh Bhandari and Smt. Ritu Bhandari. Forming the presidential Secretariat Dr. Bhandari, is the first qualified Spine Surgeon of Gujarat and Smt. Ritu Bhandari hails from a psychology background and holds a Masters in Family Business Management. Following his ever-inquisitive nature, Dr Bhandari was nudged towards academics and his ideas were further strengthened by Smt. Ritu Bhandari's passion for education & development of children. Be it finding the right faculty, cultivating the correct orientation towards teaching to managing the finance of a self-funded institute and attaining the trust of the `Generation Z' to take admissions, the dynamic duo has faced every challenge with composure. Driven by their vision, Indus University's aim is to move higher by gaining international collaboration while keeping its students at the heart of the organization.