Apex Professional University: World's First Indian Metaphysics University

Acharya Dhanwant Singh,Founder & Chancellor

Acharya Dhanwant Singh

Founder & Chancellor

India, home to ancient universities such as Nalanda and Taxila is known for pioneering effective education strategies such as the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) and Gurukul System. However, with the advent of time the needs of the education system has compelled institutions to adopt a more contemporary approach. Sensing the need to blend the rich heritage of ancient Indian education system along with the Con-temporary Knowledge System (CKS) Acharya Dhanwant Singh, an accomplished edupreneur founded Apex Professional University (APU), India's first Metaphysics University.

A Statutory University established by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh APUperfectlyblends the IKS with CKS. Indian Knowledge Systems at APU, are actively engaged in spreading the rich heritage of Cosmology, Neuro-architecture, Neuro-Marketing, Yoga & Indian Medicines & medicinal Plantation, Health, Ayurveda, Nadi-Pariksha, Astronomy, Jyotish Vigyan, Civil Engineering based on Vastu Shastra Teaching values based on Philosophies of Sapt Rishis, Psychology, Geo Archaeology, Social Sciences, Management, Sanskrit, with a blend of the Gurukul Academic system. "We intend to assemble scattered pieces of ancient Indian knowledge from the ancient Indian literature and connect with the society," says Acharya Dhanwant. Additionally, the University is committed to generating highly employable professionals along with an army of future global entrepreneurs.
Bringing Quality Education Closer Home to North East India
The Apex Education Group is an established leader in the field of education & dedicated to cultivating human potential. In a span of over two decades, it has transformed the lives of more than 100,000 students. Currently nestled in a scenic and green campus in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, APU is endeavoring to project the "North East" as the most sought after destination in India for Academics and Medical Tourism. "Our intention is to provide education in a practical way to the younger generation that had till now believed that Higher Education meant moving to neighboring States and distant places," says Acharya Dhanwant. Recognized by the UGC as a State Private Uni-versity, APU ensures that 90 percent of its studentshail from Tribal Communities of Arunachal Pradesh and other states. Today, the University has Law, Teacher Education, Pharmacy and other courses, resulting in having more self-employed professionals rather than mere Job seekers and will venture into Nursing, Yoga, Vastu, Ayurveda and contribute to Medical Tourism initiatives for the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

While the University propagates ancient Indian knowledge, yet it leverages the latest technology enabled learning techniques along with an altogether new pedagogy and customized taxonomy. The University supports flipped learning as a pedagogical approach to support the conventional classroom-based learning. Students have sessions through the Learning Management System to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities. Students are also encouraged to attend industrial visits, internships and student-centric workshops to keep them a step ahead of other professionals.

APU employs highly qualified and experienced teaching, non-teaching and other support staff that is adept at handling any situation. Faculty members bring to the table a blend of industry and academic experience which empowers students with well-rounded learning through the Block Teaching Methodology, which uses the multiple intelligence of the learners through multimodal methods of teaching, learning and assessment in an intensive way for a continuous period of 2 weeks or more. A student Studies only one course at a time.

A research centric institution, APU's goal is to combine the Indian Knowledge Systems and Contemporary Knowledge Systems to produce applicable research with immediate relevance to modern life. APU has set up three Research Centers to study the quantitative Physiological, Radio-logical, Psychological, Sportive, Bio-chemical and Neurological contexts of Indian Metaphysics. The Metaphysics specialist university is now working towards emerging as the world's fore-most Gurukul Centre of Excellence with a special base of Indian Knowledge Sciences by 2030.