SDMIMD, Mysuru: Crafting A Whole New Bale of Power-Packed Bellwethers

Dr. N.R. Parasuraman,    DirectorThere’s been an abundance of noise regarding‘educate in India’. But,with a glut of institutes mushrooming everyday at thenook and cranny, only a few havethe legacy to incorporate thefuture of the nation into Fortune500, blue-chip companies, and the unicorn club members. Yet,placing those students in such companies is not just an affair of academics. It takes a deluge ofefforts, hardships, and pedagogy to inculcate the best qualities required for the industry. While burgeoning Indian edification ecosystem has reflected as aprofiteering industry offering just degrees with out cerebrating any real value, SDMIMD isone of such that has not only accentuated on educating through the traditional inculcation system,but additionally through the core values and expertise that make a student become a bellwether in any industry.

Refurbishing Professional Ethos

Stretched across the lush foot of Chamundi Hills, Mysuru, SDMIMD (Shree Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Institute for Management Development) has carried its legacy of ethics & values since 1993 through its high-performing placement rates that has witness edits graduating batch of 179 students across all the established major sectors including IT & Consultancy, Sales & Marketing, BFSI, Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain and HR in thelast academic year alone. 47 companies including Infosys, TCS, SPI, Wipro Technologies, Dell, Oracle Financials, Adrenalin Technologies,
Fordian Technologies, Idea Cellular, Asian Paints,Mphasis, Future Group and several other gazetteers of the Sales & Marketing,Telecom, Advertising and PR industry participated in this campus recruitment offering striking packages of Rs.8.5lakhs being the highest. But one would wonder how an institute keeps it strack record so high through out it sesse. This has been possible through the shrewd incorporation of General Orientation involving current affairson economic developments around the world and astute interaction with Guest Lecturers from the industry. “In the last academic year,we had more than 70 such lectures.Placement Preparation Interview is conducted critically by the internal faculties with accentuation on posture & soft skills and Placement Training Program like Aptitude Training by external experts. Withal, Student clubs work proximately with faculties on categorical aspects of case study, debates and distributing talks,” explicates Dr. N.R.Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD.

Addressing the Lemon

Though a hefty number of students pass out every year from sundryc olleges, only some make it to the elite companies despite of a good percentage. Dr. Parasuraman integrates, “The biggest challenge is the correct mapping of the requisites of the corporate vis-à-vis the skills that students have. Albeit Profile descriptions are given before hand, the right person for the right job is often a decision at the last minute”.Addressing the issue that students lack, besides academics, SDMIMD accentuates on developing the niche skills of the students through rigorous Summer Internship Program, whichis closely supervised by internalfaculties, and special on-the-job internships with companies such as Wipro, Kluber, and ANZ Bank. Inintegration to that, this institution being the site license holder of Harvard Publishing, also seeks to establish a cross-functional thruston
pedagogy thereby making the students’ learning wide. This way,students are able to relate to theory with practice and stay ahead in them étier.

Making Market Yare

To make the Philomath’s market and placement are, SDMIM Dinserts gargantuan efforts in terms of attitudinal aspects, placement preparation interviews (two rounds)that are conducted by faculties in arigorous manner, ethical emeanor, alumni interaction, exposure to projects involving real companies, and most importantly on corporate social responsibility through sensitizing convivially pertinent projects. Through as crupulous background check – latest financial figures, top management personnel, latest news strategies, management graduates apertures, antecedent recruiters’ experiences including alumni of the companies– participating in campus interview, this institute does not leave a single stone unturned to ready the cannons.Apart from these, students under go special workshops on leadership by corporate bellwethers and training in external agencies like NSE.“Students are an integral part of he several conferences, summer internships, and special applied projects. These give them exposure in organizing events and interacting with senior executives,” integratesDr. Parasuraman. Identifying the potential in SDMIMD scholars,Software Paradigm, Mysore has been a customary recruiter with their numbers going up every year.

With greeting FDI policy and booming web economy, India is going to discern a major drive for top management posts and to fill-in the gaps; a large number of management graduates will be required. Amidst propitious situations in the upcoming future, SDMIMD is all set to supply the management warriors to top notch companies. While short-term disappointments are ineluctably fore ordained, students from this institute are expected to leave a mark for others to follow.