Bachpan: Fostering Holistic Development with Quality Child Care

Ajay Gupta,Founder
Ajay Gupta, Founder

With enthralling trends of education in the boom, the sector of early education for children witnessed some major changes over the last decade. Formal Education, being an important part of a child’s growth and life, now also included the inception of playschool learning for the polishing of toddlers at an early stage within the area of comfort. Little ones are groomed with a specific framework following an organized approach streaming into a bunch of institutions in the educational market. Bachpan, a play school was established in the year 2004 with a vision to offer a homely environment to the toddlers with quality learning to the young buds for concreting the base at an early stage. With more than a decade long glorifying legacy of nurturing the ‘talented potential’ of the little steps imprinted in the garden, Bachpan has stroked the life of toddlers, in metro cities and suburbs alike, since its inception.

Initiated with a vision of becoming one of the biggest brands in the
early education sector of India,
Bachpan started experimenting
"With a nationwide reach, Bachpan has more than 1100 schools in more than 22 states and 250 different cities across the country"

with technology embedding it in the conventional methods of preschool learning to create wonders for the toddlers. “We are India’s first digital school to offer e-learning solutions in the preschool segment for the little toddlers to learn in a better manner. At Bachpan, we apply modern approach along with a touch of Indian values to teach and groom the children. Our programmes Speak-O-Kit and Speak-O-Pen are the tools with a set of talking books which are used to convert the playschool content into sound, making learning retainable and enjoyable. Pritab and Prismart Smart Classes are used to connect the curriculum with the virtual learning. At Bachpan, we have also introduced the latest blocks of technologies like Robotics, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. These are aiding the teachers to impart the content in an interactive and realistic manner, thus helping us nurture a tech-savvy nursery generation that works smartly and easily to outperform others,” says Ajay Gupta, Founder, Bachpan.

Being one of the most renowned nursery schools, Bachpan has all that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education.“Every child has different traits irrespective of age, gender, religion or any other basis of classification. With a wider
approach towards education, we come across children from 1.5 to 5 years, some of which may like coming to Bachpan daily, or others might just like to chill in the play area. Thus, we faced several challenges from various parents on daily basis, some of the common ones being the inability to read or write, fussy eaters, disturbed or distracted mind, shyness or lack of social interests, hyperactive children or slow comprehension. This drove us to the fact that every child is not able to grasp using the standardized way of teaching. Thus, we constantly pitch children personally for a better interaction and conceding their personality,”says Ajay Gupta, Founder of Bachpan.

With a nationwide reach, Bachpan has more than 1100 schools in more than 22 states and 250 different cities across the country. Since the inception in 2004, Bachpan has evolved from a single digit number in 2005 to multiple digits chain over a span of 14 years. Along with a series of playschools, Bachpan also has a trail of formal schools under the brand name Academic Heights Public School which has been set up keeping in mind the ultimate vision of grooming achievers and leaders for the future. Working with a futuristic anticipating approach, Ajay Gupta aspires to spread its wings by opening more than 1500 Bachpan centers across the country along with expansion overseas by 2020.