Aspirations Abroad: Avidly Acting as a Credible & Supportive Overseas Education Consultant

The Indian Education sector is amongst the largest, with an extensive network of more than 1.4 million schools (with over 200 million students enrolled) and more than 850 universities and 40,000 higher education institutes and expanding. However, many of the Indians opt to pursue higher education from abroad aspiring for a wonderful future ahead, selecting unique courses with global outlook and research culture. But to reach there and achieve what they have dreamt of is quite procedural and challenging, which includes right course & university selection, accommodation, Visa, finance and much more. Looking into these distinct issues of people, Hyderabadbased Aspirations Abroad took shape promising a credible career with its supportive overseas education consultancy inclusive of a team of trustworthy mentors, guides and others.
Vikram Singh Negi, Managing Director

Established in 2013, this well known firm serves with the spirit of integrity, positivity, and sincerity. It helps individuals make informed decisions regarding foreign education, bank loans, immigration and visa services, all under one roof. Offering unmatched, professional & research based career counselling to students aspiring for quality education across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Singapore, Ireland & US, Aspirations Abroad facilitates troublefree admission process in the top universities of these countries, financial aid from banks, with full assistance in visa procedures following Forex and airline tickets. “At Aspirations Abroad, we just believe in keeping it simple and straight. We give our clients all the possible options for their careers and advise them to choose rather
than imposing our decisions on them. We keep updating ourselves with all the changes happening in the education industry and with the respective embassies, which results in providing up-to-date information to all our students,”stresses Vikram Singh Negi, Managing Director, Aspirations Abroad.

We give our clients all the possible options for his careers and advise him to choose rather than imposing our decisions on him

Reliable & Preferred Guides
Aspirations Abroad with its proven Student Profiling System(SPS) ensures a process and protocol compliant overseas education consultation recognizing individual candidate’s dreams and requirements specifically. With a transparent and genuine approach, the firm indulges in providing advice on the documentation required, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on student’s behalf with the concerned visa office. As many fraudulent companies out there are cheating individuals due to lack of knowledge about foreign education, Aspirations Abroad helps such aspiring students to evade the negative impact through deep counselling or even engaging them with its prior clients who are successfully placed in foreign universities. This helps to re-build their trust, post which the company encourages and helps them to refile their visa with all the proper documents.

As a rising sun in the Overseas Education Industry, Aspirations Abroad has waxed about 1000+ students with its foreign education services and friendly environment. “80 percent of our business runs on references of our ex-students who are already enrolled in different universities across the world. These referees are more than willing to help their next batch post their arrival in an alien place,” explains Vikram.

In order to improvise its services and flourish technologically, very soon it’s coming up with a concept called Mobile counselling. Relishing a significant revenue growth of 300 percent from the previous financial year, Aspirations Abroad recently opened a new branch in Delhi NCR, and is well prepared to grow and expand by opening two more offices in Telangana (currently three offices), and one each in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. On a global purview, the company is working on setting up its first on-shore office in Toronto, Canada.